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User Info: tigg06

4 years ago#1
on select titles >< Atleast lego city and nfsmw are a part of it for wii u
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User Info: NekoSushiRiot

4 years ago#2
I took advantage of this a while back. Definitely the time to purchase Wii U games. Waiting for Monster Hunter 3 at this point though.
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User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#3
I just took advantage of it online. Preordered Lego City, The Walking Dead and Need for Speed. With free shipping and 5% discount from the store card it only cost me $110 or so for all 3. Plus they're including the Lego preorder figure to boot.

Now to play the free shipping waiting game :p. Target's shipping options are either free or next day, not much middle ground.
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