Is Monster Hunter the Wii U savior?

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User Info: Beysus

4 years ago#1
I have seen a lot of people buying a Wii U just to play Monster Hunter, current owners are also very excited.

If successful, will this have a positive impact on Capcom support, and maybe even other third parties?

What do you think?

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#2

Good game, I'll be getting it, but no.

It's niche.
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2

User Info: Fryobv

4 years ago#3
how is a remake gonna be a system savior?

am i buying it? hell yea. but come on now..

User Info: Nophoria88

4 years ago#4
Well me and my gf bought Wii U's to play MH3U, what it will do is increase the install base of the console and possibly get more devs on board since it will have a larger player base. I guess that will depend on just how much MH3U helps it grow.

User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

4 years ago#5
if anyone honestly thinks a 3rd party game is gonna save the wii u there in for a disappointment. Only nintendo can save the system.
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User Info: RockD79

4 years ago#6
I think DQX will do more damage than Monster Hunter especially in Japan.
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User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#7
No but I think Lego City is going to be a surprise hit. I could completely see it becoming an ''evergreen'' title much like Nintendo's first party games.
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User Info: Nice_Kirbyfan9

4 years ago#8
It sold horribly in Japan which is the only place Monster Hunter ever sells well so no, it wont be the savior.
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User Info: Kromlech06

4 years ago#9
Those wonderful handsome awesome intelligent people who were going to get the wiiU just for monster hunter probably got one already as soon as the demo came out, so no, I don't think MH3U will be a system seller.

I do think MH3U will break 1 million in its lifetime, which is alright for a 3rd party.

User Info: Fryobv

4 years ago#10
wait... MH3 flopped in japan, and people expect it to be a system savior?

what is this... i dont even...
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