How many of you plan to get all next gen consoles?

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User Info: ArkonBlade

5 years ago#11
WiiU as soon as price goes down . PS4 yes . Next Xbox . not sure yet since i have seen nothing on it yet.
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User Info: ConcordeBFV

5 years ago#12
I already own a gaming PC and Wii U. Since my gaming PC can use wireless 360 controllers and is hooked into not only a monitor, but also my TV it really feels like I've been playing the "next gen" systems for several years now. I'll probably hold off and get the PS4 and Xbox 720 after a couple of years so they can work out the hardware kinks and build up some exclusives.

I've been through several 360s since launch (thank goodness for the extended warranty) so I'm going to stick with my known to be reliable PC hardware and play multiplatforms and Wii U exclusives in the meantime.
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User Info: bleedingelite

5 years ago#13
I'm either going to get the next xbox or ps4, but I need a lot more information on both before I make that decision.

User Info: Jackal

5 years ago#14
Depends on what MS does this time around. I'll wait for a Wii U price drop before deciding since I'm only getting one or two games for it. Saving for the PS4 now. E3 will hopefully give me enough info to make some final decisions.
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User Info: ChipChipperson

5 years ago#15
Not me, at this point in my life it feels completely unnecessary to even have 2 current consoles.
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User Info: andizzle29662

5 years ago#16
To experience every great game, you need all three. All three console makers have great exclusives. Nintendo obviously is amazing, Sony has a great stable of franchises, and I love gears of war and halo. I think ps4 looks great so far, and I wouldn't count Microsoft out yet. The RROD was a bad experience, but they did extend everyone's warranty to cover it. I have a slim and have had no issues. What about 3ds and vita? No one wants one of those?
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User Info: ShadowSkill11

5 years ago#17
All next gen consoles? There is only 2(ps4/720) maybe 3 if SteamBox ever hits production.

User Info: trenken

5 years ago#18
Usually not much for Nintendo machines. Maybe 8-10, somewhere around there, and I would guess a crap ton for either the PS4 or 720, which ever appeals to me more.
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User Info: KAMMYqueen

5 years ago#19
this gen just started why are we already thinking about next gen?
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User Info: BkzUzi

5 years ago#20
I'll buy a PS4 when the slim version comes out.
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