So which of the 3 online communities do you dislike most ^_^

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User Info: Pendragoon

5 years ago#21
The Call of Duty community, doesn't matter the system, (even the Wii U version) it is the same 8 year olds cussing and trying sound "mature" Right up until their mommy comes in and hilarity ensues.
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User Info: NintendoGamer83

5 years ago#22
Naruto posted...
saduff posted...
People cannot moderate themselves.
You can report almost any post and it'll be taken down within the hour. It doesn't even have to be a legit report. It seems like the mods don't even care to check, as long as somebody deems it bad, the stuff is taken down.

if only that was actually true.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

5 years ago#23
Let's not forget that people actually PAY for the privilege of Xbox Live.

User Info: force_user1975

5 years ago#24
I picked PSN because that service is so bare bones, it's the exact same setup as the PSP which came out in 2005. Nobody talks or has a mic, the voice chat quality is worse than early cell phones and it's just not very sociable.

I actually am really enjoying how social the Wii U's online is, I still prefer Xbox Live for functionality and general community size, plus things like party chat and voice messaging, but Nintendo has made a step in the right direction for sure.
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User Info: Rhyten

5 years ago#25
You forgot the PC community, where if you aren't playing as good as a pro, you'll get called "n00b I bet you'll die in 2 mins lololol boring game why do you join" -_-'
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User Info: knightimex

5 years ago#26
Xbox Live is by far the worst of the worst.

I was called a .........maggot......... for beating someone in a game of fair play.

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User Info: GLDanzego

5 years ago#27
Garfield64 posted...
b1gt0ne posted...

Gamefaqs isn't a Online gaming community. It's a gaming faq site with a forum.

All though one might ask. Does a intelligent person do something he doesn't like?

How is Miiverse all that different from Gamefaqs in the basic sense that they're both messageboards centered around game systems (or one game system, in the case of Miiverse) and the games themselves?

The answer: they're not. Gamefaqs most certainly does qualify as an online gaming community. That shouldn't be a very hard one to figure out....for most people, anyway.

Also, with the "delightful" description you gave of each community (including Steam), why are you even posting this, given your assessment on other's posting habits on things they don't like? This entire topic of yours is built on that very premise.

The answer: it's a Garfield64 topic. As usual, it's based on hypocrisy, logical fallacies and a healthy dose of stupidity.

User Info: Virus66

5 years ago#28
XBL. Even most of their users mute everything because it's so bad. I would rather stick to PSN or Miiverse. At least Miiverse is positive, even if it's moderated fairly strict. I wish they were a little more relaxed about the auto moderation, but it at least fulfills its purpose. Even then, I've never been moderated on Miiverse...
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User Info: Alustar

5 years ago#29
When the 360 was new I really enjoyed XBL (didn't use it a whole lot on the original XBOX). However as the 360 aged it became the go to system for screaming cussing children that send hate mail to people. It's awful on their, I would much rather take Miiverse's over censorship to allowing pre-teen's to rule your online service. Playstation is still full of annoying kids, but at least they keep their mouths shut, or don't have mics.

I vastly prefer Steam to any of these, they aren't "nice" but at least the average Steam user seems to be older and more mature(?) than the consoles, which is of course due to the ease of entry for console gaming vs PC gaming.

User Info: sk4ndalous

5 years ago#30
Nothing beats having some mid-life crisis loser pretending to be a 12 year old tell you off about how horrible your mom in on Xbox Live. Wish that was the exception and not the rule because there was a time when Live was actually cool. :/
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