I really hope Arc Rise Fantasia gets a sequel on Wii U

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User Info: teh1337gosu

5 years ago#21
FlyinTonite posted...
what a great game arc rise was. The voice acting is passable, except in the few instances where english is clearly not the va's first language. The battle system was fun, the graphics were fantastic (for the wii) and the story was decent. The magic system was kind of stupid however, but I had tons of fun grinding for the weapon skills.

As others have mentioned, the bosses in arc rise are BRUTAL. The optional bosses will whip you with no mercy even though the basic enemies in the same freakin area tremble before you.

People complain about the bosses being brutal, but I thought they were challenging and fair minus 2-3.
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User Info: Dayner_Kurdi

5 years ago#22
ii did really like ARF but in my opinion it should try to be more unique own way and not to copy other rpg game elements

but i do praise its magic system, its was one of it stronger points
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User Info: kdognumba1

5 years ago#23
Arc Rise Fantasia is sitting in the ol backlog still. Gotta tear into it and many other games soon.
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User Info: AkaneJones

5 years ago#24
Let's put it this way Ignition is no more if Image Epoch/Marvelous did make a new game it would not suffer from what Ignition did to both it's Voice Acting and Script. This would mean the game would likely come off as competent, with what ever improvements would be made to the game play. This is a case of poor localization and VA killing a game more than anything.
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