Name one flaw the Wii U has.

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User Info: BakaIdiot

5 years ago#151
More powerful than the ps3, less powerful than the PC

User Info: Joehop007

5 years ago#152
On a serious note, I can list a couple flaws:

1. Why was the day one firmware not included within the console? Or better yet, why not put the firmware update on the disk of the launch titles? The 360 and PS3 games had firmware updates on the disk of future titles, so why not on Wii U games?

2. Not able to use the mic on the gamepad to chat is stupid. I understand that its up to developers to use the feature, but games like Call of Duty that have voice chat, it only makes sense to use the gamepad mic to chat.

So far thats what I can list at the top of my head. To me these are legitimate arguments. From what I can tell, a lot of the flaws that Wii U has is mostly software based, so they can be fixed with patches with due time.
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