Why the F*** does Nintendoland tell me to TAKE A BREAK after I game for a bit???

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User Info: Xcalibur02

5 years ago#131
I'm a motherf***ing grown ass man and if I want to play Videogames for 10 hours its my prerogative.

Is it weird that I read this sentence in Samuel L. Jackson's voice? lol
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User Info: JKatarn

5 years ago#132
TiamatKiller posted...
_Falstaff posted...
TiamatKiller posted...
I laugh at how so many here are quick to judge TC and say he isn't an adult...as if that in any way diminishes his argument. Not to mention the fact that just because he curses or is angry doesn't mean he is some child.

Quit averting the problem.

TC may be old enough to be legally considered an adult, but he doesn't act like it. The solution to this "problem," as many have pointed out, is to press the A button and keep playing if you want to. It takes literally one second.

Also, this post improves the topic about 100%:
dasboos posted...
HellsingOrg posted...
I'm a motherf***ing grown ass man


Coming to a forum (a place where people generally share opinions and look for others who have the same hobby/ask questions) and posting his opinion on a subject that hasn't actually seen much daylight (here, at least), and him being angry about it, now equates to immature?

Just because there is a one second solution to the problem doesn't mean you just sweep the problem under the rug...

Yes, but it is ultimately a minor annoyance at best...certainly not worthy of creating a curse-filled rant thread. This guy seems like the kind of person who would throw their drink in a waiter's face if there was a slight error in their order.
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User Info: amonte64

5 years ago#133
It's because sadly Nintendo insists on being exclusively a family friendly company. If you want this to stop do something about it instead of not doing anything and/or praising Nintendo for it! I'm very scared Nintendo might die soon, stop making consoles, stop making home consoles or go completely casual.
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  3. Why the F*** does Nintendoland tell me to TAKE A BREAK after I game for a bit???

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