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  3. My Wii U lost its internet connection while downloading the update...

User Info: Japillow

6 years ago#1
...and it did NOT brick. Just letting people know that were afraid of having the opposite happen.

User Info: DNA_harpie

6 years ago#2
Thank you. I was worried about this.

User Info: Japillow

6 years ago#3
This happened right after my friend was reading an article about systems already bricking, so we were both scared as hell.

User Info: Garfield64

6 years ago#4
Mine even froze and made loud piercing noises. Had to unplug it to make it restart. Afterwards booted up fine and finished downloading update.
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User Info: DeviousLight

6 years ago#5
It only bricks if your POWER goes out, not the internet
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6 years ago#6
I don't get this. Nothing horrible will happen if you lose connection when downloading. It's the install that will mess you up and only if your console shuts off.
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User Info: Japillow

6 years ago#7
I saw a lot of people in topics claiming that they lost their internet connection and that their console was bricked. I just wanted to alert that this didn't happen to mine (believe me, I see the folly in thinking that it would).

User Info: Morpheus Lyric

Morpheus Lyric
6 years ago#8
mine has crapped out like twelve times, so far it seems okay; I even played some Super Mario U for an hour and a half after I started it and came back to finish it up... Still disconnecting, but I hope it's cool...

User Info: MrDude1

6 years ago#9
just download the update again. if you lose power while INSTALLING the update, then it may brick.
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