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User Info: xLexLuth0rx

5 years ago#21
It would only brick if the power went out while the update was being applied. Internet connection is not needed for that part. So... care to change your story TC?
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"And like that... *poof* he's gone."

User Info: MontgomeryBlue

5 years ago#22
Sorry, I worked on the problem for awhile but couldn't fixed it, and then my Mom and I went out for lunch..

The console DID brick because my Internet went out! I don't know much about electronics and how it works, but that is what happened. I press the power button and the console comes to life, but there is nothing on the screen where there was before.
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User Info: syphoned_edge

5 years ago#23
emagdnE posted...
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... oh wow

they couldn't even be assed to include a ****ing resume download feature for dropped internet connections?! (which is more common than you think, America has pretty sucky internet)

I shouldn't be laughing, as much as I enjoy things blowing up in Iwata's face, he is still using the Nintendo name to commit these failures

there was a time where Nintendo was ahead of the times (see: N64DD), but now they stumble merely playing catchup.....

it's sad to see a once great company reduced to this, really

You must have serious issues with Apple then
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