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User Info: SaltyBotz

5 years ago#102
BrianCraigSmith posted...
Hey yo. Just put the Basic set on layaway (didn't want the Deluxe) so it DOES take a 3TB hard drive? I plan to make my Wii U library all digital so I wanted to know in advance.

Uh, the internal storage can't be upgraded. And the transfer speeds between a USB hard drive are even slower than USB 2.0 speeds. The transfer rate is so bad that many people got internet that can download faster than the Wii-U transfers data to and from a portable hard drive.

User Info: cyberpik

5 years ago#103
I posted this in its own (now archived) thread but feel it could just as easily belong here...I did a U to U transfer and just wanted to share some extra info for those folks who could use it.

Both consoles need to be on and connected to the internet but the entire process is operated from the gamepad(s). Your television set is not used so feel free to pop in a movie or watch some tube while you're transferring.

The transfer process proper takes about an hour but...

After all the system info has been transferred, the destination console will automatically access your NNID's download history and begin redownloading all software including game updates and any software that has been pulled (I have a couple demos that aren't available anymore but they downloaded without issue). This includes the preinstalled software titles Netflix et al. Those icons were gone when I first looked at my transferred dashboard and I had to check the download management page to see them in the download queue.

At this point, feel free to turn the U off and go do something else while all your content downloads...obviously the more digital content you have, the longer it'll take to download everything.

If you'd like to keep your dashboard identical, then take note of your layout before starting. The redownload process seems to follow its own protocol and fills the next available space on the dashboard.

In case anybody wanted a firsthand account.

ADDENDUM: I do not have an external drive set up so I don't know how software is handled when it comes to transferring/downloading those files.

User Info: TB_Kite

5 years ago#104
Question, can I set up my account on a friends Wii U and then later transfer over my account to a different one at a later time? I ask because I have some Wii U games from promotions, but at the moment can't afford to buy my own Wii U at the moment (just a bunch of other things I need to take care of first) and I'd hate to find out I couldn't transfer it all later without worry

User Info: cyberpik

5 years ago#105
No you cannot transfer individual accounts (yet). Right now it's an all or nothing system transfer.

User Info: Asasin_

4 years ago#106
I'm sure this was already answered but I hate sorting through a dozen pages to find an answer...

Do you NEED a Wii Remote to play Wii games? For instance, I want to play Mario Party 9. Is it possible to play that with the Wii U Pro Controller/Gamepad?
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User Info: jackynkurttims

4 years ago#107
No. You have to use a Wii controller for Wii games.
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User Info: Fizedas

4 years ago#109
quick system transfer question.
if i have 2 wii u s and both have data on them can i put the data of both wii us on one system?
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User Info: plasmawisp1713

4 years ago#110
Fizedas posted...
quick system transfer question.
if i have 2 wii u s and both have data on them can i put the data of both wii us on one system?

I would recommend ringing Nintendo. As far as I know, it's not possible.
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