Nintendo Wii U FAQ V2.0 ~*READ BEFORE POSTING!*~

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    As we all know, the Wii U uses proprietary disc that can hold up to 25GB of space. It was announced recently that the discs will read at 22.5MB/s compared to the 360's 15.85MB/s and the PS3's 9MB/s. Also, as you may or may not have heard, the Wii U contains 2GB of ram with 1GB allocated to games and 1GB for the OS compared to the 360 and PS3's 512MB. The console's memory is an 8GB SSD for standard and a 32GB SSD for deluxe with accessibility to SD cards, SDHC cards, and External USB HDD up to 3TB using 4USB 2.0 ports that read 480Mbit/s. The console is backwards compatible with all Wii games, accessories, and cords including AV cables and ethernet adapters. Not much has been revealed regarding the GPU or CPU.

    An update of what the Nintendo Network and Miiverse offer

    Free Online Services
    Online Shop containing Virtual Console (including GCN titles), Indy, Freeware and Full Retail Titles
    Cross Platform Communication with 3DS, PC, Smartphones and Tablets (at later date)
    Video Chat with friends
    Account System that connects 3DS eshop and Wii U eshop
    Message Boards and messaging system
    Achievements (will be posted on Miiverse, not mandatory)
    Multiple Levels of Security*
    Web Browser w/html5 support, private browsing, on controller keyboard (fully accessible during gameplay)
    Multimedia services including Netflix, HULU, Youtube, and Amazon
    in-game access to Miiverse and Browser
    Wifi Connection
    Premium Service with Deluxe Bundle
    Things NOT included are as follows.
    Twitter or Facebook Apps**
    Current Friend Code System (This will be replaced by Nintendo ID which has not been fleshed out at this time)
    Multi Touch
    Ethernet Port
    Things hinted at.
    Future services with a price (Basic service will remain free)
    Full Retail Eshop Games won't be cheaper (depends on developer)

    *There are four levels of security. Parental Controls, Content Filter, Community, Human Review. Human review will never happen if the post passes the Content Filter, however, if a user is constantly reported by the Community they may be subject to automatic Human Review.

    **Twitter and Facebook apps will not be implemented, and as such you can not 'Link' them for automatic updates. This does not mean you can't access the websites through the browser.


    Also, Iwata has stated that the main focus of the Wii U is to "establish a trusting relationship with third party developers". This is what was done on the 3DS and Iwata claims that he wants to "further improve the situation with the Wii U".
    ------(Not to be confused with the Wii's "They will come on their own" quote)

    Eshop Purchase options
    *Directly from eShop via Credit/Debit Card
    *Via purchase code you receive or purchase from someone
    *By Pre-paid download cards acquired via retailer

    While it is not known whether or not there will be cross game chat, there will be In-game Voice Chat which must be implemented by the developers of each game. It is also specified that a Headset must be used for In-Game Chat and you may use any Headset capable of working for said purpose. This includes headphone jack, usb port, and possibly bluetooth.
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