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User Info: zike_42

9 years ago#1
I'm not a big soccer fan but I do like having a FIFA game on my PSP to waste 10 minutes or so. I love the World Cup games so I will be getting this one as the last FIFA I had was 09. Anyone else on this board?

User Info: ricshos

9 years ago#2
I bought it today, it's not bad. The character models really suck though lol
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User Info: tactikz4

9 years ago#3
still no multiplayer (infrastructure)
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User Info: PsychoD_Boy

9 years ago#4
Yeah but not many people are hardcore online players when it comes to a PSP game so it really doesn't matter. Even if it did have infrastructure it would be plagued by rage quitters so good riddance.
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User Info: Serkus2011

9 years ago#5
Does anyone know whether the English League 2 is in the game?
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User Info: hedgehog786

9 years ago#6
The Englìsh League 2 is in the game.
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User Info: FerGrider

9 years ago#7

I got it, it's not bad, but not much have changed from fifa 2011 to be honest. I think they tried to do those realistic tackles on psp as well, but it's not as realistic in this one as in other versions (it's still better than 2011). I wish they could bring Fifa 2009 psp multiplayer, why they even took it out? There are some bugs, like the draw distance isn't properly set up, so somethings on players you can see only from when you zoom in replay. For example Peter Cech is wearing his head protection, but the top of his protection dissapears if you look from normal view and it looks like he's bald. The music this time a little bit different that we're used to have as well, but it's a good game in sum up.

User Info: MasterSai

9 years ago#8
Is there a career mode?
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User Info: PsychoD_Boy

9 years ago#9
MasterSai posted...
Is there a career mode?

When all else fails, play dead.
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  3. It's out, anyone getting it?
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