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User Info: EliteError

10 years ago#1
I got FIFA 11 when it first came out, I thought it was great, but I think they left out a lot of things. I hope in FIFA 12 they include the arena mode at the start of the game, just like in the FIFA games on ps3 and xbox 360, and a replay saver of some kind. Can anyone else think of anything?
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User Info: MasterSai

10 years ago#2

Ah, my wishful suggestions for all sport games:
(Career Mode)
-Being able to use the money you earn in career modes.
-Maybe a popularity system? For example, the better you are, the more people will come and watch + support you = more money or some other bonus.
-Interactions while you are not in a game.

If you played MLB Power Pros before, you know what I'm talking about :)
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User Info: IKillNoobs

10 years ago#3
if this does not have infrastructure then boycott this game like the plague pes 2012 better have it, the dev teams are so lazy these days why take out a mode thats popular especially online infrastructure
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