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User Info: SinamunStk

3 years ago#1
I don't understand the ending. It was Solas who gave the Orb to Corifius (or however you spell it), and then he kills Mythal? Huh??

User Info: Djoser2000

3 years ago#2
Solas is an old Elven God (= no "real" god but a VERY powerful mage).
Like most ancient elves he had some sort of "slumber" and after his awakening he did not had the power to use his "orb".
His plan was: Corypheus takes the orb, tries to use it and dies in the process (explosion at the conclave).
Then Solas simply had to take the "powered" orb and use it for his own agenda (evil agenda)
Thing is: Corypheus is immortal to some extend and survived the explosion.

He absorbs Mythal's essence but the circumstances are not that evil though, likely she gave her power to him.

BTW: You need the DLC "Trespasser" for the real ending but it's not available for PS3...
Search for "Trespasser ending" on youtube.
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