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User Info: FierceRegalia

5 years ago#1
Hi Gamefaqs.

After playing this game since day 1, and reading a lot of thoughts on each character strengths and weaknesses, I decided to make a tierlist to decide which character is the best and who is the worst.

This tierlist focuses on 2 points: ability to work as a solo, and as a team character. Feel free to disagree and comment in this topic:

SS - Voltar: Can quickly solo a turret with 4 shielded drones. Can heal self without attacking others. As a teammate can heal others, droids and has decent defenses and attack power. Basically it can fulfill any role and it's not afraid of anything.

S - Lonestar: Can solo a turret with bouncing dynamites, but takes a bit to do so. Popular builds use him as all around support, because can lay mines, deactivate mines, do 75 damage with 3 TNTs. Bullets have good range, speed and do up to 13 damage.

A - Froggy G: Can solo a turret with shielded tornado, but takes even longer. Popular builds use him with dash focused on damage and not on stun. The "Sanic" build lets him run away even on slow, so skilled players should end with 0 deaths. Can deactivate mines. Water gun has poor reach and its very unreliable.

B - Leon: Can solo a turret but requires dolls, which takes a lot of time. Best way to use him is to kill other players and chase Yuri, which it's is natural prey. Slow and backstab get the job done as a pursuit and revenge killer. Dolls are better used for spam or mine deactivation. Poor hp and lack of brute force can't let solo any other character on fair conditions though.

C: ---

D - Yuri: Can solo turrets with fair speed. Best builds are focused on mine damage, doing up to 78 damage per mine. Only good use is to spam mines and slow laser. It's the only one who can heal the drill, so a good stall team can turn a match the way around.

Worst aspect is mobility, because its "floaty" and gets utterly punished by stuns and slow. Abilities are way too expensive, making him the last one of its teammates to set up, which drags him down.

E - Clunk: Can't solo turrets or even solo other players. Most kills come from a lucky bite or a slowed explosion, but that's it, Even with maxed hp and 100 damage explosions, can die quickly to other brute characters.

As a teammate, his only role is to tank turrets when Voltar is around, but otherwise, it's bait for the opponent.

User Info: Darkest_Evil

5 years ago#2
I wouldnt say clunk is the worst. His missle upgrades and rapid shot make him a monster. Along with vacuum bite increasing his health his suicide and kill groups in seconds. You're using him wrong if you think hes the worst.

He's also one of the best turret killers since hes got range and power with his shots.

Also you need to add the 2 new characters.

User Info: blackdeeds

5 years ago#3
With the update, a bunch of this info is now outdated. Honestly, I don't think a tier list could be put together for this game because it seems each character has someone they're bad against. Most of the time, it comes down to what level you're playing on, who your teammates are and what you're up against.
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User Info: Soul_of_Mana

5 years ago#4
Good: Dorpl
Bad: Everyone else.
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