Games for 2 Xbox 360's?

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User Info: IceAce1357

5 years ago#1
I'm having 6 guys over next week who are all regular 360 gamers.
We play online together a lot, but I figured a good ol' LAN party would be fun.

The idea came from wanting to play 3v3 Awesomenaughts against each other with 3 people upstairs and 3 people downstairs.

There will be 2 TV's with 2 Xbox's that will be internet connected.
We could have 2 more of each on smaller TV's if need be, all with Wi-Fi.

I was wondering if there were any other game suggestions for this kind of set up that would be fun to play all in one house.
Halo 3/Reach would be another game which we'll throw in. COD 3, L4D2 and Minecraft were some other ideas.
Any suggestions for COOP or small competitive Multiplayer games with online splitscreen functionality?
Preferably older retail games that can be bought for cheap or XBox Live Arcade/Indie titles.

Much appreciated!
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User Info: LordElohim

5 years ago#2
It's not a party without Bomberman.
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User Info: Naaraka

5 years ago#3
you pretty much got all of it down for lan parties.
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