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User Info: MirorB

9 years ago#1
Hailing from a psyonic race on Okeanos, Coco is known as the cosmic waveblazer. Describes herself as hot & cool at the same time.
Excerpt from her spacelog: "It's just like, dude, I was cruisin' the galaxy, you know, in this totally tubular space-van, searching for the best cosmic waves man."

125 Base Health, 4.2 Movement

Blaze: Temporarily, Coco's hoverboard leaves a trail of electricity.
Ball Lightning: Shoot a ball lightning. Detonate it any time with a second press.
Attack: Channel Coco's psycho-electric powers through her unfortunate enemies.
Jump: Hoverboard jump, with a chance to do a front-flip. Tubular!

Upgrade descriptions coming later~

User Info: MirorB

9 years ago#2
Upgrade for Coco Nebulon's Blaze
Enables your hoverboard to leave a trail of slowing electricity.
Damage: 2, Cooldown: 7s, Length: 8, Time: 1s, Movement: 4.2, Slowing power: 25%, Slow duration: 1s

Chuck's board (3 levels)
Increases damage of blaze.
"With this, you can surf through land!"
Damage: +1 per level

Silver coating (3 levels)
Increases movement speed during blaze.
"One coat only, withstands the four elements."
Movement: +0.6 per level

Disruptor (3 levels)
Increases slowing effect of blaze.
"For smooth surfing on rough seas."
Slowing power: +8% per level

Syphon Disruptor (single purchase)
Increases slowing effect of blaze.
"Far out dude!"
Slowing power: +25%

Time travel turbine (2 levels)
Increases time blaze stays on the floor.
"The board is modified to reach a speed of 88."
Time: +1s per level

Wave raiser (2 levels)
Leave a longer blaze trail.
"Turns calm water into a tsunami, wicked!"
Length: +6 per level

User Info: MirorB

9 years ago#3
Upgrade for Coco Nebulon's Ball lightning
Enables a ball lightning.
Damage: 25, Cooldown: 6s, Range: 7, Knockback: 3

Voltage amplifier (3 levels)
Increases the damage of ball lightning.
"A storm is coming."
Damage: +8 per level

Heavenly fire (single purchase)
Increases the damage of ball lightning.
"Like being hit by Thor himself."
Damage: +24

Gyroscopic dynamo (single purchase)
Reduces cooldown time on ball lightning.
"Turns you on!"
Cooldown: -1.5s

Thunder striker (single purchase)
Adds a knockback effect to ball lightning.
"You've been... thunderstruck!"
Knockback: +1.5

Conducting gel (single purchase)
Increases the range of ball lightning.
"Greased lightning!"
Range: +7

Flashing lights (single purchase)
Adds a blinding effect to ball lightning.
"Also works great with picture recording devices."
Blind for +1.2s

User Info: MirorB

9 years ago#4
Upgrade for Coco Nebulon's Shock attack
Enables your hoverboard to leave a trail of slowing electricity.
Damage: 4, Attack speed: 214, Size: 1, Slowing power: 0%, Slow duration: 0s

Static gloves (3 levels)
Increases damage of shock attack.
"Hard rubbing no longer necessary."
Damage: +2 per level

Flexible heat sinks (2 levels)
Increases the attack speed of Shock attack.
"A combination of thermo infatuation and superconductive aerobics should keep the temperature stable."
Attack speed: +43

Wetsuit (single purchase)
Adds a slowing effect to shock attack.
"WARNING: does not protect against actual water."
Slowing power: +25%

Power gloves(3 levels)
Increases damage of shock attack against turrets.
"Dominating video play leagues since 2368"
Turret damage: +40%

Super conductor (single purchase)
Increases damage of shock attack against turrets.
"They'll never know what zapped 'em!"
Turret damage: +120%

Overcharger (single purchase)
Increases range of shock attack.
"Yes. Bigger IS better!"
Range: +1

User Info: MirorB

9 years ago#5

Overall, Coco seems like a turret takedown class but doesn't have much going for her on the offensive aside from nice attack speed buffs, and she proves to have incredible mobility to get to certain points fast enough.
Definitely a good support contender.

Her universal mobility upgrade is still Space Air Max so no exclusive shenanigans like Lonestar.

Doesn't seem too squishy to be considered a potential feeder.

User Info: TrueDozenMarks

9 years ago#6
Yeah right. Ball Lightning going up to 73 damage and with a range increase or a cooldown reduction to under 5 seconds, AND detonate at will to a certain range?

Insta-detonate to smack somebody in your face. Oh, Leon just showed up in front of you? Bam. Oh, enemies are attacking your turret? Hide in the back, shove ranged lightning, explode for damage. I HOPE it doesn't do AoE damage by default or it'll be overpowered as hell.

Not to mention regular attack, depending on how it works, can do up to 10 damage with 300 attack speed, and either annihilate turrets, go from a longer distance, or slow enemies while spamming lightning super-fast. Somebody hurt and wants to run? Zapzapzapzapzapzap and watch them slow down while you're already fast as hell, potentially even faster with mobility upgrade, and just spam 10's over and over.

Can't judge fairly until we see her in action, but going by numbers alone, if those are accurate, she seems like a complete monster.

User Info: MirorB

9 years ago#7
Well those numbers are straight from the files.
I forgot to state I took rebalancing under consideration. Also, concerning her main attack, what I don't know is her movement speed during autoattack. If anything, she could turn out unplayably slow when attacking. If anyone had a Jtagged 360 with the settings files modified to unlock the DLC characters, it would be a more efficient way of judging.

But we're not talking piracy, we're discussing character viability. And considering you will have to assumedly pay for her, they might be gunning for some thing not-so-pay-2-win.

I will cover Derpl Zork's info tonight.

User Info: SkrallRampager

9 years ago#8
Nice. Thanks for the info :) Although since balancing is going on right now, the final numbers for her attacks will probably be at least slightly different. Those were just the first stage preliminary stats I'd wager.

How about the other turret guy?

I'm interested on what he's going to be like?

Edit: Ok great !!!
Wii Code: 1735-0238-9281-5861
Console Nickname: Ralph444

User Info: MirorB

9 years ago#9
So far I can say he uses... cats.
Derpl is coming after dinner. I need my stomach filled!

User Info: Stabs2503

9 years ago#10
Is this info real? What's the source?
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