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User Info: OoOoJimmyoOoO

7 years ago#1
Just wondering if anyone picked up the game at all today?
Also hoping to see a youtube video of the combat before i decide to get my copy as well!

If you did and are able to make a video then please do :)
thanks so much!!
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User Info: oopsypoopsy04

7 years ago#2

I couldnt find it anywhere so I ordered it online. Amazon says its shipping soon.

User Info: gala12

7 years ago#3
Avoid this game like the plague, I got a copy at best buy and it's crap! it seemed like a fun concept but it's horribly executed rushed out licensed game, controls are bad and it's very very very repetitive, and it's not that good looking either....

maybe 4/10

I recommend saving up for Zelda OOT and Resident Evil Mercenaries
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