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User Info: Trevor_Belmont

7 years ago#1
So on the Wii, 3DS and DS versions they will only be able to transform between Vehicle and Stealth Force modes. What kind of a Transformers game is that with no Robot modes, Transformers where always about always about transforming from vehicles to robots.


User Info: Ganados0

7 years ago#2

Activision exec meeting

Exec 1 "Duh and now to duh thwee d s and peee version what wi gan do."

Exec 2: "Well the last few games havent sol well on them pwatforms."

Exec 1: "Yeah they were robot mode on rail shooters"

Exec 3: "I know, we make it vehicle only!"

Exec 1: "Bwilliant!"

User Info: jmicdizzle

7 years ago#3
The Cake is a Pie

User Info: natchu96

7 years ago#4
I thought DS was the standard Autobots-Decepticon versions. It's just Wii and 3DS, right?

User Info: Rapaleeman

7 years ago#5
natchu96 posted...
I thought DS was the standard Autobots-Decepticon versions. It's just Wii and 3DS, right?

If the current information is correct then yes this is true. The standard DS versions are probably pretty close to the previous versions.

This seems more akin to something like Twisted Metal which honestly could be fun.
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User Info: Azn Playah

Azn Playah
7 years ago#6
Yeah, but then it's not a "transformers" game anymore when you don't transform. It's just a racing/demolition game which you can get without just slapping a title on it to try and sell more copies to fans.
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