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User Info: Fatback

2 years ago#1
Here is an idea for a legends 3 story. We start some time after the events of two... Maybe a year maybe 2... Roll exhausting all her options has to turn to Tron for help. Together they get to the moon. During their mission the moon base enters a self destruct sequence... It explodes... Mega Man wakes up heavily damaged and in a weakened state in an unfamiliar land... He encounters a reaverbot unlike any he has encountered before. This reaverbot seems new, clean and more ferocious. In his weakened state he is no match but before he his destroyed a giant blast destroys the reaverbot. The blast comes from none other than Trons downed ship. Using parts from her destroyed ship Tron is able to repair mega Man but to a weak base level. Together they must figure out where they are and how to get back home. You play the game as Mega man with Tron as your new R&D teammate. This can open up new possibilities for upgrades... Like let's say wings... Considering This is still a world covered by water with small islands air travel will be essential and open up.... You guessed it .. real air battles... And Maybe she can make him something that allows him to.... I don't know... Steal the abilities of powerful enemies... I know... I know... It's crazy outside the box...
In my opinion a much better prospect than playing as a new character nobody asked for... People who play MegaMan games want to play as Mega Man... Go figure... And legends fans want more character development especially between MM and Tron.... It's not rocket science... I thought this up while I was smoking a cigarette. So yeah that's my idea.... Now do it Capcom.... Do it!

PS I hate autocorrect
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User Info: mir040991

1 year ago#2
I love it

Capcom got rid of Capcom-Unity and the Devroom but I'll always have hope for Mega Man Legends 3!
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