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User Info: tony8669

7 months ago#11
I liked mobile, but OMG it crashed so much.

Then I had my SD card screw up, and it wiped out by characters and worlds.

I guess it was ok, got me to come back to PC, but I had been planning on transferring everything to PC, but now I can't. Sad face.

User Info: VincentGrite

7 months ago#12
I'm new to the PC version and I love the Journey stuff they've added but if I don't include features in my criteria: the 3DS was the most fun. It was so much easier for me to design and build things when drawing with a stylus, rather than a mouse or controller stick. I didn't play much of it on 3DS though because enemies were constantly attacking me while I was trying to build and that was frustrating and drove me away from the game. I'm so glad I can turn them off now and focus on building neat things.

User Info: SpectrumGirl

7 months ago#13
PC all the way. I can't play any other way. Literally.

User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
7 months ago#14
PC only because screw trying to play this type of game with a controller.

As for how, I've grown tired of the early game tedium for Expert worlds, so I generally take one weapon from my completed worlds and use that to expedite the process (nothing too overpowered - usually just a mediocre hardmode weapon). With my current Expert world, I used one of my maxed characters to come in and build my village with late-game ores and blocks. As much as I love the block swap feature, it's still a pain to harvest a ton of wood and stone just to get my first few houses down only to replace it later with what I originally wanted.

Late game is still the same, though I'll probably bring in my maxed character again just to build some arenas when I finally reach the bosses that benefit from having them. I haven't seen any new bosses yet, so I'll probably hold off on any arenas until right before moon lord.
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