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User Info: DrakeBloodthorn

5 years ago#1
Not sure many ppl still go on here. but i'm trying to build an orc character, and i want to make those big lower jaw buck teeth. but i'm not really having a great time of it. any tips or sujjestions? or hell if any one knows how did you do it HOW

oh and as a second problem, i can't seem to get the elf ears and the skin tone to match up as the same shade of green o.o

User Info: Anna_MoIly

5 years ago#2
the ps3 board is busier so better for us 360ers to go to too. you might try a mask or helmet that looks like a monster face or one of the 3 item lots to be something teeth-like or focus on a pattern to represent teeth. as for same shade of green, you can try to make the skin match the ears instead of other way around
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User Info: Amesang

5 years ago#3
Closest I got to this situation was using the "demon horns" to create some vampire fangs, albeit I set it up so that the fangs were only visible when the character opened its mouth.

Granted it appears that every character's face (or at least the females?) is slightly off-center for some reason. XÞ

(Likewise the only time I used the "elf ears" was for a devilgirl, although making them and her skin the same shade of strawberry red worked out well enough.)
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