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User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

5 years ago#1
Which Soul Calibur sequel is your favorite? - Results (34 votes)
SCII, Link, Heihachi, Necrid and Spawn were beastly
26.47% (9 votes)
SCIII, Chronicles, Tales, and extra fighting styles won me over.
26.47% (9 votes)
SCIV, More in depth creation, revamped characters, Critical Finish, Lightsabers
14.71% (5 votes)
SCV, Time lapse, Character exchange, 3 "random" Characters, Missing old favorites.
29.41% (10 votes)
SC Broken Destiny (Why?)
0% (0 votes)
SC Lost Souls (Moar Why?)
0% (0 votes)
SC Legends (Lolwut?)
2.94% (1 vote)
This poll is now closed.
So recently bought SCIV, and I'm undeniably having just as much, if not more, fun with it.. It's nice to be Amy again (Didn't care for Viola)... Zasalamel is a breath of fresh air (Compared to ZWEI), I never cared for the Brave/Critical Edge systems (Taking a page from the book of Capcom was unnecessary). Trying to relearn "stance-dance" Ivy is a challenging, yet rewarding experience... The mentors are more tolerable to me than their successors (Maybe I'm just reaching that age where teenagers annoy the s*** out of me.)

SCV creation is a double edged sword. Feels like less parts, but the symbols, patterns, tattoos, and other things make it really fun to get as close to perfect as you can making cameo characters...

Which do y'all prefer?... Being able to lock down a fight with Zasalamel and classic Setsuka (Who for some reason feels easier to pull than Alpha Pat) has this won for me.
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User Info: Anna_MoIly

5 years ago#2
i voted scv but didnt see the result increase for whatevr reason. char creation is the reason scv is the best to me. i wish they kept zasa though partly so that we could use the scythe, and it was my #1 best style in sc4. i also think the armor versus mode was a nice one to play when there were actually ppl playing it
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User Info: SWBF2Pilot

5 years ago#3
....I couldn't decide between II for probably being objectively the best, III because despite being a broken mess it was a really fun broken mess with character creation, a brief glimpse of how fighting games could be made more mainstream-ish with chronicles, and KOS-MOS, or V because it's probably the most balanced.

...So I voted for Legends :P.
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User Info: Solioxrz362

5 years ago#4
5 is the best in terms of gameplay, which has brought me back to it more than any of the other ones. The story is perfectly fine in it too, despite what most people say. When did another SC game have cutscenes and an actual story mode, even if it's a bit of a mess? Sure, a Weapon Master-esque mode would've been cool, but I don't need it.

V wins pretty easily for me.
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User Info: whirow

5 years ago#5
The only problem with 5 is because they removed Talim and Zas without replacement... those styles are unique...
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User Info: freecom01

5 years ago#6
5 because it's literally the only one i played

well, SC1 too, but i was like 10 back then and button mashing with Maxi...
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User Info: Amesang

5 years ago#7
I just noticed SoulEdge isn't on there. XÞ

I voted for III because I have the most nostalgia for it and its character creation (with one of them being turned into a Dungeons & Dragons character which spawns all sorts of stuff there).

However V is a very close second, and is also the only 360 game I seem to play anymore.
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User Info: whirow

5 years ago#8
SC3 AE please.
I really can't stand VC...

SC3 is the first time they put the game on console without going through some time in the arcades and it screwed up royally.
Scrub Mentality: When you lose, its either: Lag, Opponent Character is Broken, Spam. Remember, it is never your own damn fault

User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

5 years ago#9
I left out Soul Edge because I never played it, and it doesn't have any of the other things that set it apart from other Soul Calibur games from what I understand... As far as Soul Calibur 3 goes, I would LOVE for them to bring back those features for Soul Calibur 6. Especially if they bring back Abyss as an antagonist..
Arcanine Master Race; I hate Lucario with infinite rage.
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User Info: SirAltairTheGr8

5 years ago#10
Yeah, SC3 as a competitive game is legitimately not viable. Some of the international versions (AE and several others) were a signifcant improvement. If Namco re-released SC3AE with a graphical facelift and online play, I'd never leave my room.
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