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  3. The 2P costumes for most of the characters look familiar

User Info: NBKxTrOjAn

5 years ago#1
Most of the 2P outfits for the characters in SCV look awfully familiar, for me at least, it may not look like it for you but here is what I've noticed:

Nightmare 2P = Death from Darksiders
Ivy 2P = Lady Gaga
Ezio 2P = Skyrim Novice Mage
Astaroth 2P = Fulgore from Killer Instinct
Pyrrha 2P = Skimpier version of Princess Peach from Mario
Viola 2P = Serana from Skyrim
Cervantes 2P = Skyrim Elder with Elven Armor
Voldo 2P = Green Goblin from Spiderman (not exactly, but sorta)

If I miss anything, or if any of the costumes look like someone else, post below what the 2P costumes for each character in the game looks like to you.
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User Info: ssj5goku2005

5 years ago#2
I still think it was a missed opportunity not making Ezio's 2P costume Altair
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User Info: SirAltairTheGr8

5 years ago#3
None of these are even remotely close.
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User Info: Solioxrz362

5 years ago#4
Xiba's 2P is Kilik's 2P from SCIII, but I can guarantee you that none of these are what the devs were going for.

And the Ivy/Pyrrha ones I'm not seeing at all. The others ones I don't have much to go off.
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  3. The 2P costumes for most of the characters look familiar
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