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User Info: headslicer34

5 years ago#1
Hello, I'm Cameron Johnson or the Guillotine from my Minecraft Channel in YouTube, and this is my first GameFAQs board. That's not important now, but NOW I need Create-A-Soul formulas quick! For every one posted, I will post two for the audience. Here is how I would like them set up. If you can't set it up like this, that is okay, but this way is more convenient to me and Team Guillotine!


Face #

Eyebrow type:

Voice: Pitch: Tone: Malfestation(if any):






Upper Body 1:

Upper Body 2:

Lower Body:





Equipment 1:
-info, do not include if unchanged-

Equipment 2:
-info, do not include if unchanged-

Equipment 3:
-info, do not include if unchanged-
Color -part 1-
Skin color:

Face Paint:

Eye Color:

All Hair Color:

Hair Color:

Facial Hair Color:

Eyebrow Color:
Color -part 2-
All Equipment Color:

Im kinda lazy so whatever needs to be colored, list here.
Color -part 3-

Still kinda lazy, so whatever stickers need to be on the person, list here and their colors.
Color -part 4-
Weapon Color(s) -if necessary-

Weapon Streak

That is all. Like I said, this doesn't have to be what your format is, but this will be most helpful.
If you post a character, thank you for your consideration, nice guy or lady. If you want to hate comment, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE! Just kidding, but seriously, no hate comments. I hope you like my characters as much as I'll like yours. One more thing, and this is totally optional, but before you post your character, please post your XP level. Totally optional, and I just want to tell you because I am not THAT high of a level, and I might not have the CAS material.. so its kinda like an advance warning. Anyway, Good Luck... and bless your face and your life-material. PEACE OUT, FRIENDS!

User Info: Edgemaster70000

5 years ago#2
You wouldn't be able to make most of mine since I use DLC, assuming you haven't bought any. I'm also max level.


That's my whole album of them, if you want any one in particular I can post the composition.
XBL GT: Logic Lizard. Puzzle and Dragons NA ID: 304, 005, 315, Veloci. LoL: Dapper Dinosaur. You're an idiot if you can't type properly at a 3rd grade level.

User Info: headslicer34

5 years ago#3
Okay,Thanks for the heads up. Anyway, I believe it is time to share my first one. (I ain't gonna tell you who it is until the end)

Style: Astaroth

Body: Normal

Height: 4

Face: 9

Hair: Gelled Back Long

Eyebrows: 1

Voice: Reliable Leader/Pitch: 8/Tone:-3/No Malfestation
Equipment:( I left blank what i didn't include)

Undergarments: Chain Mail

Upper Body 2: General's Armor

Bottoms: Glossy Leggings

Necklace: Lords Mantle

Gauntlets: Vagrants Kote

Shoes: Cuff Boots
Color -part 1-
-I hope you figured it out by now.-

Skin: 2:6,5

Undergarments: 9:2,2

Hair Color: 4:8,19

Eyebrow Color: 9:0,31

Facial Hair Color: 3:5,26

Eye Color: 9:41,17

Eye Background Color: 0:8,6
Color -part 2-

All Equipment: 9:0,31

Chain Mail: 1st only: 2:0,22

Generals Armor: 4th only: 8:1,25

Lords Mantle: 1st and 2nd: 9:1,21

Vagrants Kote: 3rd and 4th: 9:1,24

Cuff Boots: (1) 0:0,23 (2) 9:0,28
Color-part 3-

Generals Armor: Circle Motif: 9:0,0/Positioned Left Only a little bit from the center of his necklace

Generals Armor: Circle Motif: 9:0,0/Positioned Right Only a little bit from the center of his necklace
Color -part 4-

Weapon Streak: 9:0,0

Color: Whatever you like.

Weapon Pack: Outrageous, and Great Maul

The Character is Thor from the Marvel series.
I hope you like him as much as i did.
I want peace, not to smash up your life-material into small, small, small bite sized pieces.-Cameron Johnson-Team GuillotineFTW

User Info: OkanRu

5 years ago#4
Samurai Jack

Style: Mitsurugi (I don't think I would need to point this out)

Body: 4

Face # 2

Eyebrow type: 2

Voice: Superhuman Pitch:10 Tone:-10 Malfestation: none

Hair: Topknot


Undergarments: Silk Wrap

Helmets:Sedge Shade


Upper Body 1: Merchant's Kimono

Upper Body 2:

Lower Body:




Shoes: Straw Sandals

Weapon: Shishi-oh
Color -part 1-
Skin color: 2:6, 5

Face Paint:

Eye Color: 1:38, 22 0:8, 6

All Hair Color: 0:45, 31
Color -part 2-
Head equipment: 4:10, 17 2:13, 13 2:7, 18

Undergarments: 9:0, 0

Upper body equipments: 9;0, 0 9:0, 0 0:0, 31

Feet: 4:11, 3 9:0, 31
Color -part 3-

Color -part 4-
Weapon Color(s): 0:0, 0 0:0, 31 8:0, 31 5:0, 31

Weapon Streak: 9:1, 15
Praise the Hist

User Info: Amesang

5 years ago#5
I'll just leave you my .doc file for it, although it hasn't been updated in a year:

Also a scant, few (bad) photos (originally to decorate her D&D stat page on my forum):
"Help! Help! They've destroyed my cousin's brain!! Oh, my god! They've already milked you, haven't they?!!" -- Phoncible P. Bone

User Info: Xbox-36O

5 years ago#6
my signature leads to my gallery and if you use hex-edit it's the fastest way to load my creations if anyone wanted to: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2342571/SC5SaveData
youtube channel of some of my creations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfttR-vp1GVqi_fCC1BcalQ
pics: http://s1343.photobucket.com/user/SoulCaliburV/library/?sort=2&page=1
visit my soulcalibur v creation blog:

User Info: frater_david

5 years ago#7
The fun thing with creation is trying to figure it out yourself. It's much more satisfying.
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