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User Info: Amesang

5 years ago#11
Finally, I have a reason to post this. =Þ
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User Info: BillbertPatches

5 years ago#13
SWBF2Pilot posted...
whirow posted...
Anyone, be it the really good players, average or mediocre players who at least know how to attack, guard and move forwards and backwards.
Unless you are mashing, you never use more than a set within at most 10 moves, anything more would mean you are not trying to win.

I should add also be it any character you are using, you'll only work around a small set of moves.

Eh, you never work more than 10 or so moves into your normal pressure game, but I'd say most people are ready to use many more than to punish a braindead offense from the other player or to get a rare punish opportunity on somebody.

You may "know of" a lot of possible moves, but you can tune most of them out as soon as you see what character they are, even then chances are you'll resort to only using the quickest or most damaging move/combo. I wouldn't say anyone is "ready" to use many moves in any given situation, just the ones that get the job done the best.

For example, random Rugi players have a history of spamming 2kB and it's a move to take seriously, so against Rugi I'll add Sieg's 66kABK to my palette for punishing it. Against ZWEI and NM, due to those predictable highs Sieg's WR B becomes a higher priority. I'll also be more ready to use the aGI in SBH against NM due to 22_88AA spam.

As Hiro pointed out, when you start showing off trying to do combos you've never done before or moves that are less effective while having a higher execution barrier (and therefore the risk vs reward stops working in your favor) then you're really not trying to win.

User Info: SirAltairTheGr8

5 years ago#14
Edgemaster70000 posted...
Easier said than done when the move(s) they're spamming are unreadable/unreactable, like pat's 1K, rugi's 2KB, etc.

On top of that, it's boring as hell to fight someone like that, it feels like a chore and not a game. I kick people that troll like that too.

Oh damn, it's a good thing that blocking a Pat 1K leads to a full combo punish for most of the cast.

Blocking a Mitsu 2KB is similar, except it actually leads to a full combo punish for almost the entire cast.

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