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User Info: ShattaAD

9 years ago#1

Re: Time challenge track 'The Edge', Desert series...

I've been restarting the same track 'The Edge' over and over and over again for the whole night since 3+ hours ago totalling 78 retries and everytime not being able to pass my (Silver medal) time of 1:40:43. It is I could say 'impossible'. This particular track is rigged in such a way that I could not make a curve without getting stopped by traffic. The road is simply too narrow, curve too tight, crappy handling on the Dodge, game bugs(road edge) and the most frustrating being too many traffics. Almost at every turn, there's at least 2 or more (sometime 8) cars blocking the roadway on both lanes in tandem. Even at low speed it would be impossible to squeeze in between the two or more cars or drive around them without hitting either side of the fence/rocks. In any case, you would be slow down enough to cause you to lose the gold medal even if you drove the rest of the track perfectly! I could understand if cars block the roadways for a few tries but every game for all 78 attempts, there's a blockage at one curve or another at the narrowest point. Is this a rigged track, a bug or what? Has anyone experienced similar problems or got the platinum for this track? How do you do it?

User Info: Kendrick

9 years ago#2
Guess I'm a bit late replying to this but oh well.

This is what worked for me, it may not be perfect but it works and it's less frustrating. For the hairpins, just begin turning and maybe lightly apply the handbrake to avoid getting wrecked and let the front-side and side hit the wall or rail in those turns. You'll come out of them going 60+, a lot better than you would if you purely drift through them. Being off the road also helps you avoid some collisions.


I didn't find traffic too much of a bother in that particular stage. Maybe you'll see what I mean when you start going for gold in some of the more crazy traffic stages. There's one in particular called "The Gap" where it's a narrow two lane, and it's flooded with traffic right before the finish line. Getting even Bronze or Silver was hard enough, but it was easier when I came back much later to get Gold.

When dodging traffic go for the near misses, either on the outer edge or in the middle of the road. I use the camera angle where I see the hood of my car. I would at least use that if you're trying to dodge cars from the middle.

In the last stage of The Run (and also the last challenge.) There's a two lane oncoming traffic section that you have to 'survive'. You can weave in the middle or go to the outer edge and hit the wall to dodge and lose tons of speed. I found I could line my car up perfectly with the middle of the road and just focus all my attention with the center of my car being lined up with the center line. I didn't hit the nitrous or anything as it was already hard enough keeping the center. I might've let up on the gas a tad too. That method worked for that particular section of the game and dodged the cars perfectly. So consider being in the center for strait sections and if you turn to dodge, at least go for the near miss and not the full lane shift as you lose speed and it's harder to dodge subsequent cars.

I couldn't get that to work for "The Gap" though, and had to use the outer left edge, and then come back to the center for the finish (skimming cars if needed).

**** end spoilers****

What I did, was just accept any Medal in all the challenges. And did the run/challenge mode without pushing for Gold medals yet. After completing The Run and all the challenge mode with at least Bronze medals I came back and got Gold or better in all the challenges, and it was a breeze.
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