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User Info: DarkRageSSJ5

9 years ago#1
hi,can someone tell me
this patch that has a post on nfs downloads.com

i just create an account on origin .com and after that i login trough that origin program that ea has download link for and my patch will start downloadind?

or i have to pay something cause this patch includes the signature edition cars dlc?

i|m guessing that is the reason they didn|t just posted the patch simply in the downloads section like for the other nfs games.

i wanna know
is the patch free of charge?
it unlock the framerate like it says on the article or not?
and why the hell they did this stupid thing with logins and programs ?

it was very simple until now with the other patches
click downloads click the game click the patch

sorry for this long wehfbweibfwb but i"|m pissed

User Info: razorracer

9 years ago#2
1. Yes, it's free. It's a patch

2. Yes, it will unlock the 30 FPS max cap. Just turn off V-sync.

3. I have no idea.

Did you right click Need for Speed: The Run through Origin and pick check for update? If it says "Need for Speed The Run is up to date", then your good. Just go into the game and turn V-sync off.
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  3. the run pc patch from origin
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