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  3. This is the most frustrating game I've played in a looooong time.

User Info: GardianBou

9 years ago#1
I'm so riled up. This game is absolute trash.

Driving physics are totally down the drain.

-Whenever you driver with half your car on the paved shoulder, the car pulls to the respective side and no amount of counter steering can correct it.
-Going over the smallest rises in the track results in the game triggering the "jump" animation which completely throws the car out of control.
-Nitrous while turning is completely useless. Even on an extremely slight turn, N2O will DO NOTHING. You gotta be going arrow straight and then you'll accelerate.
-N2O animation is stupid. It pulls the camera back, throwing off your driving line and then unless you're going completely straight, you get no acceleration.
-The Porche Cayenne SUV's are WAY TOO fast. The real car has a top speed of 171mph and takes nearly a minute to get close to that speed. The Cayennes in the game accelerate to that speed in seconds and are always passing me out when I'm ALREADY going 200mph+
-Drifting is absolutely trash. You can only control your drift on a sharp when you're going under 100mph. And if you're gonna go that slow in the first place, why not just turn normally and get through the corner quicker?
-Police cars in general are way too fast. There isn't a car in the world that can accelerate, corner, or has a top speed like those things. And then in the level where you have to drive the cop car, you're limited to like 105mph.
-I hate watching cutscenes to only have to tap space bar like a spaz to move on to the next scene. People must think I have Parkinson's disease when I play this game.
-In chicago, you HAVE to drive an Audi. I HATE Audis. And you can't change your car for at least another 5 levels. Not to mention all the choices they gave you were worse than the Lamborghini I drove into Chicago with! How much did Audi pay EA???

-The game is capped at 30fps making everything so jerky and spaztasic. The motion blur is not configured correctly so at speeds above 100mph to about 180mph, the entire game stutters every second or so.
-The graphics in general are awful. DX9 all the way. Roadside objects have appallingly low polygon counts, and most of the textures throughout the game are sickeningly low res.
-There's no aa
-There's no bloom or HBAO
-The Frostbite Engine 2 was not a good choice for this game. The game is way to clunky and I suspect it's due to the engine. I got the same impression of subtle clunkyness when playing Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2. The EGO Engine by Codemasters would have been far more suited to this game.

Hot Pursuit was a good game. I'm happy I bought it. I though the NFS franchise was turning around. But this game here. . . . it's horrid.
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User Info: jernas

9 years ago#2

The only good NFS games in the recent years are Shift and Shift 2. Other than that Hot Pursuit 2010 is the only one that isn't complete garbage. In other words with the direction they went with The Run this game never stood a chance.

User Info: PatrikDenStore

9 years ago#3

I agree with just about everything you said. After 2.5 hours I was finally done with this piece of garbage. Thank god I had the opportunity to borrow it from a friend, spending 50-60 bucks for this mess would have driven me nuts.

User Info: LifelikeThunder

9 years ago#4

Last good NFS I played was most wanted. Thet hit a good concept with underground1&2 and most wanted and I'd like to see them expanding on those games instead of reinventing themself every time. Was stupid and got pro street for my 360 thinking, hey that'll be a good game for me and my firends to play split screen...

(message deleted)

User Info: charlievo

9 years ago#6

this is way better than Hot pusuit crap. 

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  3. This is the most frustrating game I've played in a looooong time.
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