Anyone up for co-op?

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User Info: Rayquill

5 years ago#1
Hello everybody.

My dad just bought me Dead Rising 2 : Off the Record , and I'd like someone to play it with.

I do have a requirement for you.

You have to have a good microphone. Not the kind that makes you sound like you're some kind of poltergeist.
And you must have good english. :)

Age doesn't matter anything , but I'm 16.

My Gamertag is : NaoVermilion
My Skype is : ultramonkeystyle

Try to add me on Skype over Xbox. My Xbox headset is pretty bad compared to my computer's headset.

User Info: HardcoreREfan

5 years ago#2
I was going to help you. But when you left my party, that changed everything. I don't know why you acted the way you did. I was here to help you get some achievements. But the offer has been retracted.

Good luck on finding some one to help you and your achievements.

Because I won't.

User Info: AngryOldFeral

5 years ago#3
I feel like I missed something here...
Smoking Ghost / Feral Manx
Proud Outcast of Capcom Unity

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