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User Info: specie8470

9 years ago#1
So TK wants me to get 1million dollars by 7 how do I do this? Whats the fastest way and easiest.

User Info: Scaccia101

9 years ago#2
You can do two things.

Continue story mode - Combine Computer Tower + Flashlight = Money Hacker
Use this on ATMS for wads of cash.
Use the gambling mags (I still need to find the third)

Gambling Mag 1 - Palisades Mall, above pool bar, where you go down the slide. On a table.

Gambling Mag 2 - Top floor of Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack, Americana Casino. On a ledge on the left side of the top floor.

Take these to Slot Ranch Casino, find the giant slot machine and keep playing 1,000 everytime. With both mags I won a ton of money.


Just go into Sandbox mode and screw around.

User Info: htka

9 years ago#3
Go to Uranus Zone. There are 10,000 Money cases that respawn and a 60,000 one if you open it and come back.

2 are in that bar area, one is in the bank, and the $60,000 you have to climb up the stairs to the roller coaster, break the glass, go outside, head to the right, until you reach the robot, then you need to jump on his right arm and climb on to his thumb, jump over to the next ledge and turn left and you can go in that window. In the second area of the room there are 2 baskets on the floor and one has the money case.

User Info: G1243

9 years ago#4
I never found the 3rd one.

But your tips for money are ye exact ones I also used. ATM especially, once you know wher they are. Its good to have a pc and flashlight across from your safehouse maintenance room too.

User Info: crowkillers

9 years ago#5
One thing I noticed is that slot machines that have money laying in front of them seem to pay you $3,600 3 times in a row with the Gambling magazines(well with Gambling mag 1 and 2 anyways)
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User Info: axe1ruleZ

9 years ago#6
Sometimes I run into looters carrying Money Hackers, I get $20,000 from every ATM I use the Money Hacker on.
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User Info: crowkillers

9 years ago#7
You can also use the money hacker on the slot machines and vending machines for more money... You get $3,200 for each slot machine and I think $2k for the vending machines...
"Be Reasonable, Demand the Impossible"

User Info: RobotPirteGhost

9 years ago#8
I got most of my money from Sandbox. Challenges give money, and there's no time limit so you can just grab a bunch of weapons and go to town on the slots, vending machines, and ATMs
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User Info: UndercovaSmack

9 years ago#9
Around that time Lenny should be standing in the break room of the safe house he'll give you a key to enter the yucatan vault that has 500,000 in it getting you half way there
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User Info: Seroth

9 years ago#10
If you go into Atlantica Casion, there should be some poker players there and if you're successful in beating them in poker, you'll get 1 million dollars. There's like $100,000 buy in, though, so you need at least that much to play with them.
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