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User Info: ariinya14

7 years ago#1
Ah, I was hoping to find some answers on THIS board. I wanted to know what exactly the stats do. I can figure out charisma, but what about care, acceptance, and ability? What effect do they have on the actual tattooing portion of the game?
Xbox 360 GT: Leilana

User Info: j_darrell

7 years ago#2
Care - Probably how fast removing ink lowers the stress bar
Ability - Probably how fast inking raises the bar
Acceptance - Something to do with the extra challenges in story mode?
Charisma - More dialogue options in question mode

User Info: ariinya14

7 years ago#3
Yay, someone is here!

I know what Charisma does... more like, the questions that you ask, you're less likely to get a negative response, or a brush off, or something?

As for acceptance... eh? Extra challenges? ^^; I suppose that would make sense, since EVERY item raises acceptance... the only difference is how quickly you raise the money to earn the item.
Xbox 360 GT: Leilana

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