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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

5 years ago#1

The party will always feature the Player Character the player has custom created and controls. PC creation occurs after the prologue mission. There is also a Main Pawn created after doing an early quest. Both use the same body customization(be sure to check the advanced creation options), except the Pawn has additional personality questions that determine the pawn’s AI. Over time the pawn will learn new things and become better.

There are two more potential party members called Support(Rental) Pawns. These are either pregen pawns wandering the world by default (such as Rook) or other player’s Main Pawns that have been shared online. Online copies of pawns update when the player visits an inn and sleeps.

There is an autosave system and the game keeps two saves. The Manual/Autosave is loaded by clicking ‘Retry’ and a less frequent autosave that is created at inns and certain checkpoints is loaded by selecting ‘Retry from Checkpoint’.

There are special items available from an in-game shop that uses Rift Crystals. One class of items are the special hair/skin dyes to be used in character creation. Another item is the Art of Metamorphasis which allows full character creation style customization of the PC and Main Pawn at once, but is a one use item. There is also an infinite use version.

There is also a New Game+ which is sometimes confused with the late game, which can get a little crazy.

Monsters do not level with the player, they are always of a given strength in a given area. Going into the wrong place at the wrong time can get a player quickly killed.

Monsters, gathering spots, stray bosses and even chests respawn given enough time.

The game features a day/night cycle and the night time is quite dangerous. Besides being very dark different monsters also come out at night although certain events and gathering spots are also night-time only. Night is officially 9PM to 3AM in game. One day takes less than an hour of gameplay to pass, although inns/camps can be used to sleep to a certain time.

Fast travel is via a warp system that requires a certain item for each use.

The above two combined means walking somewhere with dusk approaching causes serious gameplay decisions. Tough it out or find a place to rest until dawn?


Weapons: Primary(R1) / Secondary(L1) - Two-handers take up both slots ( Warrior / Mage / Sorcerer )
Head: Armor
Torso: Clothing / Armor
Arms: Armor
Legs: Clothing / Armor
Accessory: Cape / Jewelry

Clothing/Jewelry type items generally don’t have class restrictions. Weapons are restricted by class and hand that holds them. Some outfits will take up multiple slots.

Armors are somewhat limited by class, in roughly this pattern:
Heavy: Fighter / Warrior / Mystic Knight
Medium: Strider / Ranger / Assassin
Light: Mage / Sorcerer / Magick Archer

Equipment has 4 levels of upgrade. Level 1 just requires money. Levels 2 and 3 require money and materials. Level 4 requires a special event.

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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

5 years ago#2
Items / Gathering

Most flashing objects in the world can be picked up, some can be gathered from multiple times. This game has an odd pickup system, items that can be picked-up show on the right side of the screen. When picked up the item icon flashes, drops down and vanishes. Pawns can also pick-up items. These things combined seem to confuse people into thinking they’re picking up items they’re walking over.

Some gathering points include; piles of books, bushes, vines, haystacks and other objects that can be looted for multiple items. Apples on trees can also be knocked down and picked up. Strange rock faces with crystals sticking out of them can be mined if the player has a pick-axe. Treasure chests will also contain loot and respawn over time.

Storage - Inns/Camps will allow the character to store items. Items can be withdrawn at the Gran Soren Inn. Weapon upgrades can use materials that are in storage. Item combination can be done also be done using the storage system.

Items can also be combined, with the combination menu showing recipes that have been used before. Two useful early combinations using common loot from goblins are:
- Wormwood Sap + Gransys Herb (is Wormwood Sap red?)
- Hunk of Ore + Shackle (psst, pass it on)

Game Flow / Beginning Walkthrough : A simple spoiler-light guide to getting through the beginning of the game.

Section quote box’d for easy skipping.

On starting up a new game, the Chimera Prologue battle with a set Arisen and pawn will start up. This is essentially the tutorial of the game. Nothing done in this part really matters.

After the Prologue the character creation for the Player Character (PC) will begin.

After PC creation, cut-scene, injure boss slightly for cut-scene, choose basic class, cut-scene, explore Cassardis(starting fishing village). Cassardis has missions, mission board, a basic inn and basic shop, but is not the main hub of the game. Lots of loot can be found in and around Cassardis.

At town gate to exit Cassardis, cut-scene, Rook appears. He’s a tutorial type pawn, not the main pawn.

Along the path to the Encampment there will be goblins attacking a man. If the player rescues him, be sure to talk to him afterwards for a reward. Many events work this way, with no indication he has something to talk about.

Rook’s ‘quest’ takes the player to the rift stone at the Encampment. Try to leave the Encampment to trigger a cut-scene. Follow the soldiers and finish off a large creature. Return to the rift stone and create Main Pawn. A full party of pawns can then be recruited

To trigger the cut-scene that leads to the quest that takes the player to Gran Soren, talk to Mercedes and agree to stay the night at the Encampment.

The game fully becomes open world once the player reaches the inn in Gran Soren. Class change and item storage is located at this Inn, along with the nearby main shops and services of the game.

Specific Guides

Stat Growth Guide

Class Skills Guide

Augments Guide : The are abilities learned from specific classes that can then be equipped regardless of class with six slots.

Pawn Personality + Pawn Creation Answer results

Gransys Clean Map (Will likely have an updated version soon

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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

5 years ago#3
Slow Life in Dragon’s Dogma, showing the non-combat open world mechanics, like being able to grab bunnies and farm animals and throw them around. About 3 minutes long.


Simple stat blocks

Level 10 - Basic : Stats by level 10

Fighter(10): HP 720 : Stamina 720 : Strength 116 : Magick 78 Defense 107 M-Def 78
Strider(10): HP 655 : Stamina 765 : Strength 97 : Magick 97 Defense 97 M-Def 88
Mage(10): HP 608 : Stamina 720 : Strength 78 : Magick 116 Defense 87 M-Def 107

Level 30 - Basic / Advanced : Stats by level 30

- Fighter / Warrior -
Fighter(10)>Fighter(30): HP 1460 : Stamina 1020 : Strength 196 : Magick 118 Defense 187 M-Def 98
Fighter(10)>Warrior(30): HP 1520 : Stamina 920 : Strength 216 : Magick 118 Defense 167 M-Def 98
- Strider / Ranger -
Strider(10)>Strider(30): HP 1155 : Stamina 1265 : Strength 157 : Magick 157 Defense 157 M-Def 128
Strider(10)>Ranger(30): HP 1075 : Stamina 1365 : Strength 177 : Magick 157 Defense 137 M-Def 128
- Mage / Sorcerer -
Mage(10)>Mage(30): HP 1048 : Stamina 920 : Strength 118 : Magick 196 Defense 107 M-Def 187
Mage(10)>Sorcerer(30): HP 928 : Stamina 1320 : Strength 118 : Magick 216 Defense 107 M-Def 207

Level 30 - Hybrids : Player Character only

- Assassin -
Fighter(10)>Assassin(30): HP 1160 : Stamina 1260 : Strength 236 : Magick 118 Defense 147 M-Def 98
Strider(10)>Assassin(30): HP 1095 : Stamina 1305 : Strength 217 : Magick 137 Defense 137 M-Def 108
- Mystic Knight -
Fighter(10)>Mystic Knight(30): HP 1320 : Stamina 1120 : Strength 156 : Magick 138 Defense 167 M-Def 138
Mage(10)>Mystic Knight(30): HP 1208 : Stamina 1120 : Strength 118 : Magick 176 Defense 147 M-Def 167
- Magick Archer -
Strider(10)>Magick Archer(30): HP 1055 : Stamina 1165 : Strength 137 : Magick 157 Defense 157 M-Def 168
Mage(10)>Magick Arcger(30): HP 1008 : Stamina 1120 : Strength 118 : Magick 176 Defense 147 M-Def 187
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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

5 years ago#4
Well, guess the only thing left is to get this one sticky, and it'll link to the rest.
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"There are more defective users than defective systems."
(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: kor320

5 years ago#5
So if treasure chests and big monsters respawn, do they respawn in the same location or do they spawn randomly? If they do spawn randomly, can there only be a certain number of each on the map at a given time or do they spawn after the set amount of time (I.e. if I don't kill any cyclops' will there be 2 instead of 1)? Thanks if you have the answers
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User Info: Fallen_Rayean

5 years ago#6
Sticky request sent. Hopefully yer well written out topics can prevent over flooding of guide posts and more; though if ya could probably bundle it all into a "Character/Pawn" Faq and get that sent in and posted.
Would be better than a lot of other FAQs as is, hahaha!
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User Info: BSerenity

5 years ago#7
Hurray! lol
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User Info: heyitsthatguy11

5 years ago#8
Nice work.
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User Info: yomi52

5 years ago#9
thank u!!

User Info: psttiti

5 years ago#10
Could you tell me how do I change from basic class to advance class or hybrid? what are the requirement?
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