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User Info: hawkwind_dragon

11 months ago#1
Dragon’s Dogma the anime deviates from the game by naming and theming each of the seven episodes after a specific deadly sin.

I haven't watched it yet (Netflix) should be pretty good.

User Info: Tatunen08

11 months ago#2
It was pretty good.
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User Info: hawkwind_dragon

11 months ago#3
Watched the first episode, interesting story and graphics.

User Info: Okamiaku

11 months ago#4
Its pretty good, my complaints were more about lost game tie ins.

The armor should have been taken from sets in game.
The main character acts like a fighter pawn while his pawn acts like the arisen.
Classes should have been more researched. Main character is using wrong loadouts for his classes and the pawn keeps switching between Mystic Knight and Magik Archer.

Lots of wasted immersion potential, I get the impression the director/storyboard never played the game and only had bullet point list of info.
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User Info: RangerBorn12

8 months ago#5
I thought it was okay, though the story, in my opinion, was kinda plain. Felt like the first and final episodes were the only ones that mattered. The rest were filler, with the only purpose is just for the dragon to show how humans are evil and flawed (because 7deadly sins and all), even though the whole theme of the show just doesn't fit well for Dragon's Dogma and it's overall just cliched.

The animation was good, I can definitely tell you that, and atleast it ain't Berserk 2016, but it had so much potential. The show barely references anything from the game, from certain story moments to characters. I can remember the characters from the game but the ones from the anime were forgettable, with the exception being the main protagonists. Really feels like the director only knew about the monsters' designs and the concept of the dragon and main pawn, and nothing else.

Regardless, it's alright, but it's not the best anime adaptation. I recall Mother's Basement making a video on it. Say what you want about him but he made some pretty good points on the anime. Speaking of which, that was the last I even heard of anything regarding the anime. After that it felt like the show was kinda forgotten. Even the Castlevania netflix show is still being talked about.
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User Info: Jaitsu

4 months ago#6
Its garbage. Maybe on its own its alright but as an adaptation it takes WAY too many liberties, to the point of coming across as a bad fanfic written by someone who never played the game.
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User Info: meralonne

2 months ago#7
I can think of half a dozen GameFAQs users that could've written a better story.
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