Ur-Dragon Generation 1384

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7 months ago#1
Welcome to the Chamber of Lament. We have some suggestions for you.

In General

- Purple blood = damage!
- Brown blood = no damage
- The Ur Dragon is weak to Holy
- Use strength or magic boosting augments!
- Use strength or magic boosting periapts/group boosters (effects are 4x stackable per stat)
- Use Blast Arrows if you have a bow
- Bring items that replenish stamina

Basic Class Strategies – Beware the Damage Cap!

All vocations should use Periapts or Group Potions

- Blast Arrows! Assassins should use Gale Harness with either 100/1000 Kisses or Fivefold Flurry; Rangers, Tenfold Flurry
- Sorcerers should use Holy Affinity and the focused X attack
Mystic Knight
- Take one Strider/Ranger and two Sorcerers, or three Sorcerers, and/or with 100% Holy resistance
- Sample strategy! http://goo.gl/ojo1Az
- Four Striders or three Striders and a Sorcerer are highly effective
- Sample strategy! http://goo.gl/1M622R
Fighter/Warrior are not recommended due to a lack of an effective ranged attack
Mage/Magic Archer are not recommended due to primary weapon power deficiency

Additional information can be found here: http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Ur-Dragon#Tactics

Damage Cap?

A high amount of damage in a single session may result in the Ur-Dragon leaving without your damage being counted for that round. Watch for “Accessing server…” at the end of your round. If you don’t see it, your round has had no effect. Scale back your attack with fewer periapts, and/or leave earlier and try again.

Health and Reporting

The Ur Dragon’s HP is reported when he lands by stating how many dots he has left together with a decimal representation of what remains on his current bar. Usually, there are cheaters and tamperers across all versions who use exploits to kill the dragon in under 2 hours for rank and to troll, instead of letting it die naturally by real players in 1-2 weeks, robbing them of the change to kill it; Capcom already knows of the people, as they have been reported, and every veteran and former player knows who they are. Basically, if you see a missed grace post on any board, it was killed by a tampering and cheating group to for selfish reasons, at your expense. Because the Ur can die very quickly, it is a VERY GOOD IDEA not to let more than an hour go by without making a report!

Example: If there are 5 dots and the current bar is 16 dots in length, then its current health is 5.8.


There are multiple versions of “The Ur Dragon” at any given time. These sync periodically and will sync instantly for Grace when someone kills one. Capcom confirmed that the Ur Dragon does not heal. There is no guarantee you will summon the same instance for your next round.
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7 months ago#2

When calling grace, please add a hashtag (#) to the beginning of the word grace (# grace), with no spaces in between them. Please do not use the hashtag until it actually IS grace.This allows others to use page refreshers that set off an alarm when the correct phrase is posted, so they don’t miss out on the GP loot! :) You can use programs like Auto Refresh Plus for this, at varying intervals of time, and the trigger word at the bottom

The Ur Dragon’s HP, DEF and/or MDEF during Grace is variable. He will land weaker with anywhere from 1-15 hearts, showing varying amounts of health. However, the Ur-Dragon will do his best to kill you. In the past, Grace has been less than thirty minutes and as long as two full hours. Do not waste any of it!

Soon to be updated!

There are many links and strategies that will be posted in the coming months, but the first 10 gens will die like flies, and the first 100 kills will be quite a spectacle! Most importantly, do not brag, or lie, in this thread, because you will only make a fool of yourself, and people will complain! >_< Anyway, Happy Hunting! :D

Posting the Next Thread!

Use the first Google Doc below, and select edit, select all, then press Ctrl + “C”! Paste this into the body of the next thread, and update the thread title to the next gen, one hour after grace -- if it’s two hours; this will be updated when we find out how long the Grace Periods for PC are…could be 15-45 minutes, at first…Then, do the same with the second link for the next post.



Cyber-bullying is NOT allowed on any site, or this board, or this thread, and is completely illegal; trolling, flaming, harassment, fake troll report attacks, cheating, and tampering posts posts will not be allowed on this board or thread, and will be reported. An investigation is currently underway against a group of cyber-bullies and tamperers who have been trolling everyone for 5 years, in this community, and on their troll-topics, and trying to bully, and ban, innocent people who report this with fake troll reports. I am opening a legal investigation with the authorities about their group-cyber-bullying.
I'm supposed to be dead.

User Info: NAME

7 months ago#3
I'm supposed to be dead.

User Info: NAME

7 months ago#4
This dragon died a while ago...
I'm supposed to be dead.
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