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User Info: GuileHawk

7 years ago#1
Dragon's Dogma General Info

Something you might want to know before playing:


1) One of the first things you do in the game is create your player character and your pawn. There are no multiple save files on Dragon's Dogma so make sure to put enough effort into your character and pawn for you to feel satisfied with them for at least a good 30 or so hours into the game because you will not get another chance to change them until you start a new game+, or if you have the rift crystals you can purchase the ability to edit your character.

2) Also unless you change your pawn sharing options everyone is going to be able to see your
pawn if you play online. So if you make your pawn a little boy and dress him in lingerie,
everyone online will know of your freaky desires.

3) Dragon's Dogma story is a two-part story, and it has a new game+ feature. Many people online seem to have the second part of the story confused as the new game+ mode when in fact it is not. So if you go in a topic and see some one saying they just started new game+ mode and they are complaining about all the hellhounds, they are actually referring to the story's part-two.

4) The true ending can be pretty confusing, and leave the player wondering "WTF am I supposed to do now!!" without giving away any spoilers let me just advise you to use the Godsbane Blade in your tools.


Classes and Leveling

There are currently 9 available classes:







Mystic Knight (player character only)

Magic Archer (player character only)

Assassin (player character only)

**Hopefully in the future Capcom will release dlc or less likely an update that allows you to make hybrid class pawns.

A little info on each class:

Fighter - A sword and shield based class. It has great balance of offense and defense and is one of the best classes for taking out non-boss enemies. They also make great tanks when fighting boss enemies due to their wide variety of defensive and agro generating skills.

Warrior - Use large weapons that require two hands to wield, but only have three skill slots and no defensive options. Warriors are great for crowd control but are weak to ranged attackers; however, their augment skills grant lots of defense so they can take a good beating. Warriors are great for fighting certain boss enemies with their greater ability to knock bosses over, and have a few moves that when timed right can inflict devastating amounts of damage. Unfortunately warriors are most useful when fighting from the ground so many boss enemies that require climbing to get to weak spots and
such are a bad match up for warriors.

Stryder - A rogue like class that uses duel daggers and a shortbow. Stryders are your nimble ranged class, great for taking out enemies from afar, and they can hold their own when fighting a few enemies up close, but without any defensive techniques they can be easily overwhelmed in large groups. Stryders can possess the ability to double jump and dodge. They also have a few shortbow skills that are good for crowd control, and some other ranged skills. Stryders are good at fighting bosses with weak points whether that be shooting them from afar or climbing on and slashing away at them. Many people argue that the stryder class is the weakest class and lacks its own unique style due to the fact that the Assassin and Ranger classes just feel like stronger versions of stryders.
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User Info: GuileHawk

7 years ago#2
Ranger - Very similar to the Stryder class the Ranger has most of the same dagger skills, but drops the shortbow in favor of its big brother the longbow. The longbow is stronger and possesses better range than the shortbow, but it suffers from a shorter fire rate. When using the long bow the players movement is slowed significantly. Longbow arrows have more knock back than those shot by shortbows though and have greater potential for knocking over smaller enemies. Skill wise the ranger sacrifices
some of the Stryder's crowd control skills for skills that are great for incapacitating and inflicting large amounts of damage on single targets. Like Stryders, Rangers are great for fighting bosses with weak points, and some of its longbow skills can inflict devastating amounts of damage to any kind of boss, but usually take a while to charge or require large amounts of stamina.

Mage - A balanced staff wielding class of healer and damage dealer.
Due to the fact that mages are the only class with healing abilities, they are considered the most essential team member. Mages are an excellent support as well as damaging class with a wide variety of skills such as elemental weapon enchants, health recovery spells, harmful status cure and infliction spells, and a variety of elemental damaging spells. Mages suffer from a low physical defense and many spells are easily interrupted.

Sorcerer - Wielding archstaves, Sorcerers ditch healing abilities in favor of very powerful spells. Sorcerer spells have long casting times but have wide areas of effect, and inflict large amounts of damage. They have a few other useful skills that are good for protecting themselves, and a single status cure spell that cures only the most dangerous of the statuses. Sorcerers also possess a select few instant kill moves that are difficult to pull off.

Mystic Knight - Mystic Knights use swords/blunt weapons and large shields, but are also capable of wielding staves. Mystic Knights are well balanced in both offense/defense and physical/magical. They are capable of dealing large amounts of physical damage, while also buffing themselves and party members with elemental weapon enchants among other buffs. Mystic Knights are basically good for
fighting any kind of enemy due to their well roundedness. This class tends to work better with strength focused characters.

Magic Archer - This part-Stryder, part-Mage class wields daggers and magical bows that rather than arrows, shoot magical bolts. Unlike arrows, magic bolts home in on targets. Magic Archers are great magick focused characters, and have many dagger and magical bow skills that benefit from a high magick stat. Like Mystic Knights Magical archers have a good variety of damaging skills and party buffs, but tactically work more like Stryders taking enemies out from afar and taking small amounts of enemies with up close melee, and dagger casting skills.

User Info: GuileHawk

7 years ago#3
Assassin - Assassins are a hybrid of the Fighter and Stryder classes that work well for people who like to change tactics often. With the many different weapon combinations available to the class such as: sword and shield, sword and bow, or daggers and bow the Assassins have a plethora of available skills, and are an excellent option for those player who like to switch things up mid-battle. The Assassin also has a lot of counter moves making it a great defense character for players with good timing. Most of the Assassin's augments however are gimmick augments only taking effect at night or in dark dungeons.


A brief bit about skills:

There are three types of skills

Weapon Skills - Weapon skills are exactly what they sound like, skills that are unique to a certain weapon. Some weapon skills transfer from class to class but don't always assume that just because 2 classes use the same weapon they are capable of using all the same skills. For example Soul Skewer is a sword skill unique to the Fighter class, even though assassins can use swords they can not use the Soul Skewer skill. It may also be important to note that shortbows, longbow, and magical bows are all
considered different weapons meaning they share no skills.

Core Skills - Core skills are weapon specific skills that always transfer to every class and are simple abilities such as extra combos or a dodge ability. They only apply; however, if the different classes use the same weapon. For example the double jump skill is a core dagger skill. Even if you have the skill it is impossible for a warrior to use double jump because he does not wield daggers.

Augment - Augments are generally passive skills that boost certain stats or improve the effect of certain skills. For example one augment might increase your defense while another one will shorten cast time. Augments are transferable across all classes but you can only equip six at a time. Augments are the most important skills when planning the final build of your character/pawn.


Character and Pawn Creation:

A. Creating a good player character:

1) Keep in mind when creating your character that his or her build has an effect on their natural stats. For example taller, bulkier characters will have a good natural strength and defense while smaller, shorter characters will have a good natural magick and magick defense stat.

2) Don't just choose your favorite class and play as it forever, its important to level other
classes to acquire a wide variety of augments so that you can end up with a extremely unique well developed character.

3) Be sure to try out as many of the weapon skills as you can, some powers work better when you use them than they sound like they would work in the description.

4) After trying out a variety of classes try to plan out a good character build. Like maybe you like the Fighter class, and you want to build the ultimate tank it would probably be a good idea to get the Greatly Increased Defense and Greatly Increased Physical Attack augments from the warrior class, and the Greatly Increased Magick Defense from the Sorcerer class. It may take a while to achieve this goal but the end result will be one hell of a good fighter.

User Info: GuileHawk

7 years ago#4
B. Creating a good pawn:

1) The same relation of your characters build to his or her natural stats applies for your pawn.

2) Just like with the playable character its important to plan ahead as to what augments would work best with your desired pawns class.

3) The most important thing to consider is what skills to choose for your pawn. Unfortunately just because a skill works great when you play as a certain class doesn't mean your pawn is necessarily good at using that skill as well. The best way to explain this is pawns have a poor sense of timing and planning. For example the Warrior class has a skill called Arc of Deliverance which is a skill that requires a significant amount of time to charge, but inflicts a large amount of damage. Where you might try to time this skill well and use it when a boss monster has been knocked over or something, your pawn is just going to cycle through this skill and attempt to use it quite often, and will often fail to complete it or just time it wrong and not fully utilize its effectiveness, so its better to equip your warrior with skills which have a quicker pay off such as Corona Slash or Indomitable Lash.

4) Just some recommendations for each class FOR PAWNS
a) Warrior - the warrior is limited to 3 weapon skills so its important to chose carefully. Like I mentioned before avoid choosing skills that have large charge times or gimmick skills like catapult blade. Some skills I'd recommend: Indomitable Lash, Corona Slash,
Exodus Slash, Whirlwind Slash, Act of Vengeance.

b) Fighter - Keep the damage dealing skills to the sword and the defensive, special skills to the the shield. Recommended sword skills: Dragon's Maw, Burst Strike, Antler Toss, Full Moon Slash, Soul Skewer. Recommended shield skills: Shield Drum, Divine Defense, Launchboard, Shield Storm.

c) Stryder/Ranger - When pawns are made to be one of these classes you should focus on making them skilled at long range, and give them skills that incapacitate of stun at close range. Recommended dagger skills: Ensnare(Stryder), Hundred Kisses, Advanced Trigger, DazzleBlast. Recommended bow skills: _____fold Fury(Both), Downpour Volley(Stryder), Fracture Dart(Stryder), Deathly Arrow(Ranger), Whirling Arrow(Ranger), Body Binder(Ranger).

d) Mage/Sorcerer - The problem with mage and sorcerer pawns is they aren't dedicated enough to casting the spell. Where a player character might suffer a few small attacks to finish casting a large spell a pawn may cancel casting to avoid being damaged. For this reason when you want Sorcerers and Mages to cast large spells on a boss monster its a good idea to take care of any small enemies that around first to lessen the chance for the spell casting to be interrupted. Due to the high number of mage and sorcerer skills I'm not going to recommend any certain spells just show an example of my preferred builds. Mage (High Comestion, High Levin, High Frigor) for primary and (High Anodyne, High Halidom, [I usually keep an affinity or high Silentium for my last spell])for secondary. Sorcerer (High Cosmestion, High Levin, High Gicel) for Primary and (High Maelstrom, High Necromancy, High Voidspell) for secondary.

User Info: GuileHawk

7 years ago#5
4) If you are the competitive type of person and want to get your pawn in the top 100 ranked pawns some good advice is when creating your pawn try to give them a realistic look or a bad*** awesome look. Pawns that are based on famous characters from other games/media and actually look like said character tend to get well ranked. For example last I checked the #1 pawn was named Saber a blonde female warrior
who is supposed to be based on Saber from Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night.


General Game Advice:

A) Quest Tips:

1) Quests come in two types Story/Character quest these are quest that you receive directly from other people that are either story or quests that improve affinity with certain characters or a few other cases. The other type of quests are Bulletin board quests which are usually collect this or kill so many of that type quests. Most story quests are needed to complete the game of course, but no bulletin board quests need to be completed to advance the story they are merely for earning money/experience/items.

2) Grab every "kill so many of a certain type of monster" quests you see; there is a really good chance you'll end up killing them in the future anyways so you might as well earn some bonus while you are at it.

3) At certain points in the story quests characters will tell you something like a certain quest is extremely important and that you should finish any task you currently have going on. If you are wanting to complete as many story quests as possible don't accept these quests until you've been everywhere and checked for and completed any other quests available at that time.

4) Have a quest where you can't figure out where to find a certain item or person? Try getting online and finding a pawn has a 3-star knowledge of that quest. Then just activate the quest while that character is in your party and he should be able to tell you what you need.

B) Managing Money and Equipment

1) There isn't much to talk about here money is rather easy to acquire on Dragon's Dogma. Whether you get it from completing quests or you just happen to stumble upon a good store of it out in the wild.

2) Healing items are cheap and necessary. Its never a bad idea to stop by the shop in Gran Soren and pick up a good supply of healing items for you and all your pawns.

3) PICK UP EVERYTHING! No matter how insignificant it sounds its probably used in improving some equipment. Just stop by the hotel and store anything you pick up in your storage so you will have it when you need it.

C) Large boss fighting tips:

1) Every boss has its own unique abilities, and its important to have a good tactic for fighting each boss. For example a good tactic for fighting armored cyclops is to climb on his back first and get him to remove his helmet. Then mages can cast lightning spells, archers can shoot the eye, and melee character can work on breaking through leg armor, eventually he will fall over the you group up and inflict mass amounts of damage on his face. Try to develop general tactics like this.

2) Climbing on bosses can be one of the most effective ways to inflict damage to a boss. Unfortunately there are some things you have to get used to when climbing on bosses. Things like extremely bad camera angles, you will often have to deal with the camera being all wrong and all the directions being reversed for the controls, just try to stay calm and deal with as it happens. And of course be sure to watch your stamina when you run out you fall, and you have to stop and recover leaving you wide open right near the enemy.

User Info: GuileHawk

7 years ago#6
D) SPOILERS!! The Everfall and New Game+ some possible spoilers.

1) Once you begin the second part of the story you will soon gain access to a very large dungeon called the everfall. The everfall is a perfect place for grinding levels and trying out different class combinations.

2) The Ur-Dragon is a boss that you can find in the Everfall. What the Ur-Dragon is, is a boss that many different online players get a chance to fight for a while and deal a good amount of damage. When you enter the chamber where the Ur-Dragon is located, your game will download the current version of the Ur-Dragon allow you to fight him for around 8 minutes or until you deal a certain amount of damage to him then the Ur-Dragon will leave. When the Ur-Dragon dies if you fought it at any point you will receive a reward that is located in the same chamber where you fight the Ur-Dragon, usually of money and wakestones. If you happen to be fighting the Ur-Dragon when it dies you will receive some awesome equipment drops, and 20 wakestones. So the general goad is to enter the Ur-Dragons chamber as often as possible, and if you enter and he is about to die fight him and finish him off. Then you will be rewarded with awesome equipment drops. Every time an Ur-Dragon is defeated a new generation of Ur-Dragon is created that is very slightly stronger than the previous generation. So if you fight the Ur-Dragon generation 27 that means the Ur-Dragon has been defeated 27 times before.

3) BE WARNED! When you enter the Everfall you will be given a quest to collect 20 wakestones and bring them back to a certain person. From the moment you turn in the wakestones you have entered a point of no return towards the end of the game. After you turn in this quest your only option is to beat the game then start a new game+, so if you want to farm the Everfall delay turning in this quest.

4) Everything carries over to new game+ equipment, items, levels, skills, and even your map transfer over. With each new game+ it seems you get an increased amount of experience from enemies; however, as far as I can tell the difficulty does not increase at all, which in my opinion was one of this games let downs.

E) Just a few other notes

The world isn't the largest open world there is, but I guarantee there is still plenty of exploring to do. Even locations you may feel like you know everything about may turn out to be bigger. For example many people don't know there is actually a marsh located in the back of the Witchwood. Sometimes while exploring you may stumble on a place that no story quests will lead you to like bloodwater beach, or the Cyclops fort with the Cyclops sized furniture.


Alright I think that should suffice. This is my first guide like this so if its just terrible, let me know constructively.

If you're on xbox live feel free to look up and use my pawn if you can my Gamertag is GuileHawke, and my pawn's name is Illeina. She is currently level 83 and is a mage, but every now and then I might change her vocation or something like that. But PLEASE, don't send me any friend requests. Its nothing personal, but I just don't like to add people to my friends that I've never met in real life, so if you end up sending me a friend request don't take it the wrong way if I deny it.

Also if you haven't started this game yet consider creating a male pawn. Currently the amount of female pawns grossly outweighs the amount of male pawns and there is a pretty large demand for well skilled male pawns that don't look like weird he-beasts.

If you enjoyed this and think it could help other players request a sticky. Other than that enjoy this amazing game.

User Info: GuileHawk

7 years ago#7
Alright cool to post now.

User Info: SweetMadness

7 years ago#8
GuileHawk posted...
Dragon's Dogma General Info

Something you might want to know before playing:


1) One of the first things you do in the game is create your player character and your pawn. There are no multiple save files on Dragon's Dogma so make sure to put enough effort into your character and pawn for you to feel satisfied with them for at least a good 30 or so hours into the game because you will not get another chance to change them until you start a new game+.

You can change appearances if you buy Art of Metamorphosis, or the upgraded one, or visit the barber shop.
Deus Ex- "Every time you mention it, SOMEONE will install it." http://lolpics.se/27254-deus-ex
GT- SweetMadness

User Info: pootertooter

7 years ago#9
Nice job! This clarified some things for me. If I knew how to request a sticky I would.

User Info: pootertooter

7 years ago#10
Nevermind. Just figured it out. Ha! This is the first sticky I've requested in 5 years.
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