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User Info: RyuNinjaDog

6 years ago#1
First and foremost, I like wayforward a lot. They know how to make 2D games. I loved Contra 4, and I'm playing Alien Infestation for the DS now, and it's also pretty cool.

This game has the potential to be amazing, but falls short due to a few major problems.

The controls need work. Everything is there for a deep platformer and Bloodrayne has a lot of awesome moves. Problem is she's sluggish. If you're hit, you're stunned for a moment and that gets REALLY frustrating. It breaks the flow and even worse, she's vulnerable and it's way too easy for enemies to get in way too many free hits on you and near the end I ended up dying far too often due to this. I have no problem with a steep challenge, but deaths due to being stunned and them being piled on by enemies is simply not fair and is not the player's fault, It's a flaw with the game.

The other problem is with her momentum. She doesn't come to a complete stop when you stop moving. Since the game has some precise platforming (which I like I lot), you need to have tight control, and like I said, she's sluggish. Realistic physics be damned, maybe this wouldn't have been as big of an issue if there was a separate run button. I don't know, I just know her momentum was an issue.

Finally is the moves. It's too easy for Rayne to do something that I didn't want her to do, or she doesn't do what I want her to do. Not sure how to fix this, but often I would try to launch enemies horizontally and they don't do it, or I just want to do an air combo, and I launch them instead (which usually ends up with me falling into a pit). Also you can't cancel a combo easily. You'll start pummeling someone then you see an enemy come, and you try to cancel, but she reacts far too slowly, and you get hit which puts you into another stun. Ugg. It just makes the sluggish issues all the more egregious.

There were also some framerate issues when things got hairy, but they weren't too bad.

Aside from those complaints, the game was awesome. I loved the graphics, platforming and combat was fun, level design was solid. I would only nitpick that some enemies don't look like vampires, they just look like dudes wearing their Sunday best.

Anyway if they were to make a sequel and fix these issues, it would be amazing.


User Info: DevilKingZeon

6 years ago#2
The controls are killing the fun a little bit for me. Even though I'm only on chapter 5 it seems it'll only get worse.
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User Info: JanayBerry

6 years ago#3
I originally bought the game on Xbox when it was 1200MP. I loved BloodRayne 1, especially part 2. While I enjoy 2D gaming, I found myself losing interest in trying to complete the game. Funny thing is, I play Chapter 1, then play something else.

I later grabbed the game on PS3. For some readon I like playing the same game that I have in Xbox on PS3 (Scott Pilgrim, Turtles, Castlevania HD). Sadly, my experience was the same. Bought it for $9.99 on PS3, though, but only still play Chapter 1 lol...

It's the way the game control... I kept losing control of Rayne at the wrong times, and I hate how I'm attacking only to get it broken by a gunshot from an enemy.
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