This game is too easy.

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  3. This game is too easy.

User Info: jordanpwnsmeSH

6 years ago#1
This game is alot of fun to play, but for a game that averages around a 7 rating, with the main complaints I see being about soul crushing difficulty, why was I able to beat it so easily?

I fear for the industry in the next couple of years. With the recent death of ninja gaiden, what do people who enjoy mastering games have to look forward to? I'm tired of gaining all the skills required for platinum/100% in 5 minutes. I'll probably 100% this too (I'm completely unafraid of any difficulty rating on ps3t except a solid 10), but we really could have used a couple of things here, two in particular.

1) fighting. WAY WAY WAAAAAY too easy. All the fights (including bosses) are very short and easily survived by eating your weaker enemies. No health upgrades are necessary in the least, I upgraded ammo so as to fly farther for platforming.

2) longer, more difficult platforming bits. Nothing in this game is hard, if you can't beat this game then I truly feel sorry for you.

User Info: T_Tangg

6 years ago#2
Good for you.
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  2. BloodRayne: Betrayal
  3. This game is too easy.

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