Ending Mini-guide 2.0 (Minor Spoilers)

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User Info: lionheart1127

5 years ago#81
lionheart1127 posted...
echa_One posted...
Go back again to Hart Outpost and enter the middle building. You should get the MeMemo update.

Hmm I got the MeMemo that says Victory! but I don't get any other messages from entering any buildings. Is it the door that says locked? Damned Masked G how many times do I have to defeat you!

Nevermind it turns out I had missed an extra cutscene back at the town. Thanks anyway!

User Info: DarkOxidian

5 years ago#82
In the faq guide there's a note about miss popular ending

Note that you DO NOT need to complete any of the other ending events. This includes:

Beating Airshatter
Creating the Potion of Youth
Fightning Masked G
Developing the Hot Spring

so if I get everyone affection >50/80 (related) and then I beat airshatter with gio in party will I get the true ending ?


5 years ago#83
silly question but if i cannot beat get the population expanded before year 3 is over what happens? i hope to god i don't get a game over...
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User Info: Vannysama

5 years ago#84
If you use the first page as a reference, then you will get an ending (the first in the ending tree). The game will end right after that and you can start a new game+. It is not a game over ending.

User Info: domine_dragon

3 years ago#85
good info

User Info: domine_dragon

1 year ago#86

User Info: domine_dragon

7 months ago#87
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