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User Info: delavega2010

7 years ago#1
do you alter the players heights and weights at all?i find players hieghts and weights make a huge difference.what i mean ideally a cornerback for my team would be six foot one and one hundred and ninety four pounds.etc.and just by changing these attributes i get alot more interceptions and tackles just by this slight adjustment.i have prototypical heights and weights for every position in the game.i have them at home though.i will post the prototypical heights and weights for all positions on monday.i just cant remember them all by heart.it also depends on what personel packages you are trying to run.<3/4.or a 4/3 defence etc...becouse ideally a left and right defensive end for a 3/4 are generally heavier than a le or re for a 4/3.i find that even the secondary for these 2 defensive sets are very different.MONDAY.lol
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