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User Info: sparker781

8 years ago#1
I just downloaded and beat this episode in about an hour or so. Now I have to wait another month for the next episode to arrive which is kind of ridiculous but such is life. Anyone else find this episode not of the hard level?

User Info: Razer1980

8 years ago#2

I did too. The bigggest problem is they shouldve cut the episodes down to ehhhh 2 or 3 at a time because I felt this episode was a waste of money and I brought the whole pack .

User Info: EsperValkyrie

8 years ago#3
it feels to me like ep1 and 2 could have been a single episode rather than 2, so i certainly tend to agree
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User Info: lipnox88

8 years ago#4
It took me 3 hours to complete but I got stuck a few times, but I do agree this episode was pretty lame compared to the 1st one.
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User Info: SHpandaman

8 years ago#5
I actually liked it. I did beat it in around three hours as well. The way I see it I paid $20 (or whatever it was) for 5 eps. Each is running around 3 hours each so 15 hours of gameplay.

It is a kind of a drag waiting 2 months for the next chapter but so fare the story is better than anything of TV right now.

User Info: Shiek_2002

8 years ago#6
Yeah boo hoo it was $20 for 5 episodes. Let's say each episode averages only 90 minutes to beat. That is 7.5 hours total for $20.

Meanwhile, you can spend $60 on crap like Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 and beat the entire thing on the hardest difficulty in 4 hours with 100% completion.

You get a game that is 12 hours long for its storyline and it is considered a perfect $60 title, so considering each BTTF episode only costs $4, even beating it in an hour is just fine.

Good lord.

User Info: dkconklin

8 years ago#7
Agreed. Stop complaining about a $20 five part game being too short. I've spent way more than that for games I beat in less than an hour.

User Info: sparker781

8 years ago#8
dkconklin posted...
Agreed. Stop complaining about a $20 five part game being too short. I've spent way more than that for games I beat in less than an hour.

Actually not really complaining. Well actually after reading my original post it does look I am complaining like b***h....Okay I retract that last statement. I do wish that PSN would notify you of when a new episode was released. There I'm now complaining about something else.
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