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User Info: Udontsurf9

8 years ago#1
March 29.

User Info: Shiek_2002

8 years ago#2
I wonder what takes Sony so long, considering Telltale is at least claiming to submit the PSN version at the same time as the PC release.

Either way, I can't wait.

User Info: Fort_Wayne

8 years ago#3
I can't wait!
The GO-GOGGLES make it possible to get through sandstorms. That makes me happy!

User Info: andrewblakey12

8 years ago#4
Does anyone know the release date for this game on PSN in the UK

User Info: JaoriPrilj

8 years ago#5
Argh! Another week!

Maybe I'll freeze myself like Cartman did... then I won't have to wait a week! Yeah!


*Grabs hose from basement and proceeds to back yard*
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User Info: dakko

8 years ago#6
Just typical, i went out of my way to aquire the american vesion because it seemed to be over 3 weeks ahead of the uk store, and now there just delaying its "ep a month" ratio.

Rather than possibly delaying the american version to run along side the european version, why not bring the European version forward so we ALL get it earlyer

PC is getting close to be wating for episode 4 and we are still waiting on ep 2 :/

User Info: calideson

8 years ago#7

Now, I'm seeing that the PS3 release date is March 29, and even though I initially purchased the bundle, I'm having trouble installing Chapter 2 on my console.

User Info: StnkyWizleTeets

8 years ago#8
I just looked and couldn't find anything but a trailer for episode 2. I guess I will check back later.
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User Info: andrewblakey12

8 years ago#9

does anyone know when episode 2 is out on PSN UK

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