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User Info: Shifter1178

6 years ago#1
Is this related to the TV show in any way?

Run Parallel or anything like that or is it just a completely different story in the same world? I only just got into the show am at the end of Season 2..I previously played the first few mins of Ep 1 of the game but never got further...

So just curious what the relation is.

User Info: B4TT3RY

6 years ago#2
You can play the game without having to worry about spoilers for the TV show.

The game runs in the same universe at the television show. There are a few characters from the television shows that make appearances in the game, but it won't spoil anything for you. For example,

*walking dead season 1 and walking dead chapter 1 spoilers, I mean come on*

In the game, your main character meets with Glenn who then takes off to Atlanta with a walkie talkie. In the TV show, Glenn is first introduced to Rick in Atlanta while contacting him on the walkie talkie.

But yeah, it's nothing that would spoil the television show for you, the storyline is completely different.
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