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User Info: PennState0411

6 years ago#1
Not sure where to ask this so i'll just ask here. I played the first 3 episodes from the xbox live arcade. My buddy got the disc version that has the other 2 episodes and is willing to let me borrow it. Will my choices be saved if I go from the digital version to the disc version?
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User Info: CplDingo

6 years ago#2
Not sure if you figured this out...but ask this in the Xbox forum...This is PC. I'm not really sure how Xbox live works. You'll probably find a better answer there.

But I can give it a shot. Most things that save on the Xbox save to the hard-drive. If we go with that logic, then your save file, all your decisions should be on your hard-drive. The disc should only be needed to run the game.
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