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  3. You and X% of players chose Blank, *SPOILERS*

User Info: SR2fan

6 years ago#11
Carly: Can use gun(physical), has vagina
Doug: Former AV guy (knowledge), has penis

The facts speak for themselves
GT: Critical Shade

User Info: RTFW

6 years ago#12
Emuchu posted...
I'm still hung up on Carley putting in those batteries backwards. I mean COME ON.


She wasn't very bright; I chose intelligence over her. Plus I figured given the situation, she was in better position to survive unassisted than Doug was.

User Info: Kevin_OS

6 years ago#13
Doug is a fat nerd so no one wants to save him.

User Info: UltraCookie

6 years ago#14
Carley is a woman.

User Info: Large_Tonberry

6 years ago#15
I picked Carly purely for her expertise with a gun, and she seemed like a more interesting character than Doug. Finished the first episode just now, and surprisingly 51% opted to save Doug.

User Info: Inyane

6 years ago#16
wasn't carley also holding a gun? jesus christ just shoot the legless zombie that's weakly grabbing your ankle.

User Info: _____Cait

6 years ago#17
i actualy picked Doug, because he called me a nice guy.

not kidding.

User Info: UBCS_JMac

6 years ago#18
Everyone saved Carley because she is a girl and they thought that she would reward the player with sex at some point.

You could argue that she had a gun and knew how to shoot, but she was only hitting enemies 3 feet in front of her. Anybody can do that, hell, even Clementine can snipe a bottle at 3 feet after 2 minutes of teaching.

User Info: FatCatAttack

6 years ago#19
I just got the whole pass off the sale and done the first episode. I chose Doug for reasons others have stated. Mainly, Carly seemed like she should have been able to free herself while Doug was totally screwed without help.

Also, at the time I thought Carly was the only one who knew about Lee's past before the evil old fart revealed he knew it as well. Dead (wo)men tell no tales....
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  3. You and X% of players chose Blank, *SPOILERS*
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