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  3. Be square with me. How scary is this game?

User Info: NSer

6 years ago#1
I scare easily, so I need to know whether I'll be okay playing it at night or not. >_>
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User Info: Glinkmaster

6 years ago#2
There's a lot more tension than horror.
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User Info: Radosity

6 years ago#3
Glinkmaster posted...
There's a lot more tension than horror.

This. You'll be spending a lot more time making dialogue choices and solving puzzles than fighting off zombies. The Walking Dead at its heart is more about the interaction between survivors than the actual zombies.
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User Info: MidgardDragon99

6 years ago#4
It's not about being scared. Zombies are rarely scary anyway. This game is about the human interactions more than anything. If anything the humans are the scariest effers in episode 2.
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User Info: kyntrel

6 years ago#6
its not scary at all. maybe feels intense at times when u have to make a fast choice but ya its not scary at all. hell slender man is wayyy more scary and that game isnt even that scary unless you get yourself worked up about whats following you.

if you want a good horror game that scares you play amnesia dark decent or try slender man which is a good baby step into playing horror games since its not nearly as scary as dark decent(also slender man is free)

but overall its still a fun game just too short IMO
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