A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight - Completely Overlooked by Masses

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User Info: NemaselsNeo

5 months ago#1
In the beginning of Desmond Mission #2 (near and directly after the turnstile), there should be a random civilian lying down on the ground to your left.
Right above him is the *ONLY* poster in the area that has text that's been blurred out...

The thing is: despite being blurry, the larger text is quite readable.

"You wouldn't buy our s***ty cars."
"So we'll be taking your money anyway."

...I actually got chills from this... (0_0)

This entire game franchise is about "secret societies" and how they've shaped politics, economics, and public opinion from time immemorial... And while I can only vouch for us in The States: here we are inundated with "s***ty car" commercials on virtually every TV channel (youtube now included); Each car commercial (symbolically) promising happiness, recognition, wealth, freedom, jealousy of neighbors (yes, you read that correctly - it is literally THE selling point for this one car being sold: "It will make your neighbors jealous") - all this and more if one will simply buy a car on credit and make payments like a good little citizen... (o_O)

...I did quite a bit of searching to see if anyone else on the internet had noticed this - but I didn't find anyone saying anything about it - not even an 'honorable mention' to the poster itself, or anyone questioning what was written on it or why it was blurry in the first place (as NO OTHER poster is blurred or contains blurred text!)...

My intuition (i.e. 'Eagle Vision') aside, I suppose it could be an "Easter Egg" of some type, or maybe a very awkwardly constructed joke or 'car protest' by the developers... but, from where I stand, this phrase is OVERLY awkward, is INTENTIONALLY hidden to the casual observer (I missed it my first run through), and is to the level of "rubbing it in your face" to those who actually noticed it - which fits perfectly with the concept of hiding things in plain sight and publicly announcing agendas in general... something "secret societies" are quite noted for doing...

And yes! I know the trolls and shills (i.e. the "smart" trolls) will have a "field day" with my statements and with what they'll label as paranoia and idiocy ("It's just a game, Neo /// You're confusing a make-believe story with reality /// u soooo stoopid!")... but I'm far less concerned with any of that ("h8ters gunna h8"), and by far more concerned with establishing that: YES, this exists -YES, it was intentionally created (i.e. not one of the many glitches in the game) - and YES, it was intentionally created to be overlooked by the casual gamer...

...Anyways, regardless of why it exists, this is something nearly everyone did indeed miss - and I am happy to bring it to awareness now... and also to give a major 'tip of the hat' to whoever put it in there in the first place... Bravo! Despite being overlooked by the masses, at the very least *I* noticed it - and at the very least *I* appreciate it - seeing it as a real life "Easter Egg" and a very obvious breaking of the 4th wall. (^_-)


Stay frosty out there friends... as "Nothing is true; Everything is permitted" (~_~)
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