There are NO glitches in this game people!

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User Info: joegt123

5 years ago#11
riouken1234 posted...
Guys, he's right.

There are no glitches in the GAME. In the ANIMUS? Sure! But not the game!

Don't you see guys? It's all the animus! Ubisoft did it on purpose, fo sho! It's the ANIMUS.

You don't die, you de-sync! The game doesn't load, the animus loads!

Honestly,study up on some AC knowledge brothers.

I thought about that, honestly. Its an interesting thought. THE reason I'm giving the Dante May Cry a chance.
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User Info: Syco Clown

Syco Clown
5 years ago#12
Blatant lie or blind and oblivious.

The game is super awesome, but there are glitches.

I had one where I was walking along and then got launched about 1km into the air, fell and died.

I had one where I killed a guard and his body spazzed out and went all stretchy.

I had a horse go spastic when it got stuck on an object.

I've had an NPC guy get stuck in the model T-pose (arms straight out) walking around doing things...this was pretty funny :P

I had one where I jumped into hay to hide, and then I auto jumped out as I was spotted, but I just got stuck in a crouched position and couldn't move, while 10 or so guards walked into me as if I didn't exist. I was stuck like this until I quit the game and reloaded.

There's more, but too late to think.

Enjoy the game, but no need to say that it is perfect, everything has flaws.
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User Info: Soeroah

5 years ago#13
Blitzkrieg182 posted...
Finished, no full sync, and just like skyrim not a single glitch here as well.

You finish Skyrim close to launch without seeing any glitches?

Did you get an achievement?
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User Info: billnye69

5 years ago#14
FredCat07 posted...
Then you must picked a luck disc. We all have flaw one.

I must of had a lucky disc as well because I'm on seq 9 with 90% database completion and 76% Sync and all I have to report is a deer stuck in a tree.
Game Series that tons of people liked but I thought were terrible. - Half-Life, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Dragon Age, Skyrim.

User Info: Cas27

5 years ago#15
Glitches i get rather often:

Guards attacking me although i am incognito
Two fast travel Spots in the frontier won´t unlock
Randomly disappearing map icons
Animals stuck in trees
optional mission objectives sometimes fail for no reason

User Info: Masterchief5525

5 years ago#16
I didn't have a single bug affect me in Skyrim so I consider myself lucky, I didn't have one in AC III either but that doesn't mean the game is flawless. Your just lucky

User Info: bandcelks00024

5 years ago#17
Theres a problem in the system of capitalism when an individual has to say I can't wait til this game is $20 in the bargain bin. Maybe it will be fixed by then and I can get my full enjoyment out of it. This new trend by some of the bigger videogame companies of, "release it" "they'll deal w it as it and love it" has got to go or I will never preorder a game again and wait for the bargain bin so these companies won't see profit from me. Kentucky Bob, I also either want your xbox or your assassins creed disc and I have a brand new xbox. My skyrim game wasn't as glitchy as some people reported but assassins creed 3 has been terrible. One of the main assassination characters became stuck in a wagon and never even noticed me walk up and gut him through the wagon. Times are tough, release good games, and you wouldn't notice it as a company...rockstar doesn't hurt for cash from their games, they delay until product runs as smooth as a baby's bottom. I spend good money on games I wanna play when they come out and that extra $40 you pay when the game is new is the developers salaries, I will simply cry shananigans and discontinue the practice until I can have a hands-on session w every new game no matter how long that takes to do and I encourage every videogamer out there to do the same and thats the only way were gonna have finished product quality games again.

User Info: bandcelks00024

5 years ago#18
Heres my bottom line message to the big videogame companies: I know times are tough and the results of the election are not helping any, but if you continue to lay off play testers, and expect me, loyal gamer w $60 completley paid on any videogame i wanna play before the day it even comes out....GTA games have been known to be completely paid off YEARS before coming out..u can ask my local be your frickin play tester...your gonna be sad when I stop supplying salary and become bargain binner that does absolutely nothing for you like this other guy. I make good money, can spend on other more quality oriented pursuits these days. Or you better start sending me a 40k+ check w your name on it. Or come out w good games. Assassins Creed 3 has been an eye-opening experience for me on the state and future of the video gaming industry. These games make me feel like I should've gotten a 40k+ check for playing and not handed them $ i alone here. We get too excited about this S$%^...if we chill and learn a little patience we can nip this in the bud w the next big money game released.

User Info: bandcelks00024

5 years ago#19
As a matter of fact, every affected gamer that spent $60 should just go ahead and send Ubisooft an invoice for the play testing of their video game in whatever amount you decide since they left the contract so open...that'll pucker their tight lil a#$%^^$ up real good I bet.

User Info: longinius2

5 years ago#20
Best one I've seen that I haven't seen mentioned: Opened a chest, suddenly fell through the ground. And fell, and fell. Until I desynched for being too far out of bounds. 'Twas great.
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