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User Info: Cdog_tribble

1 month ago#1
Why does everyone think assassin's creed 3 is horrible?personly I think is awesome but if someone could tell me reasons why is sucks that would be great.

User Info: spincr

1 month ago#2
2 was better. Also here it started to become the obvious milkcow it is. Also revelations was some inbetween s***ty version of this game iirc.
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User Info: EbonTitanium

1 month ago#3
AC3 is one of my favorites too. But...
It was buggy
Connor wasn't as flashy as Ezio (for some people)
If felt like Ubisoft didn't care as much

Something of interest: Ezio didn't become an Assassin until he was around 28 to 29yo, Connor was around 14 to 15yo when he became one.
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