Is it me or is ACIII just so short?

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  3. Is it me or is ACIII just so short?

User Info: ajmrowland

5 years ago#21
An0therBK posted...
Mooogleman posted...
Shy girl 5 hours a day is nothing. Even if i pull a 12 hour shift i would play a good 5 hours. Days off like 18 if the game is good.

I remember in 6th grade when ff 7 came out i did 78 hours in 13 days and a couple days i didn't play due to sleeping over at a friends house helping him out on his run. Then again I don't sleep much chronic insomniac but still.

Does anybody go outside anymore?

No. Unfortunately,

Oh wait, I do. I also play video games, watch movies and go out to the mall. I just dont have a job.

Shygirl asks how we find the time, but it's the same as finding the time for anything else: prioritizing.

User Info: ajmrowland

5 years ago#22
Bloodlines1191 posted...
dave_is_slick posted...
From: 3500z | #001
ACII took me 2 months to complete w/o any DLC.

As much as I don't like AC3, this is bulls***.

Proof that dave downright HATES AC3.

Jeez, people really HATE this game. >_>

of course they do. It's a new installment in a franchise that people have already lost faith in. Hate is predictable these days. Also, the bugs.

User Info: Mooogleman

5 years ago#23
I went outside more when I was younger. I'll go to the grocery store and do errands on weekends but usually it's work and then I'm too tired and would rather read or play video games.
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  3. Is it me or is ACIII just so short?

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